Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beth's birthday bash!

It was just looking like a quiet Wednesday afternoon so I rang Beth and asked her to join me for lunch at Lime.
She came we took pictures which is nothing knew as I always have my camera to hand.

We ate a stunning sweet n sour chicken thanks to our cook Karen who made up a new recipe today.
Then there was cake!

Karen our super star cook had made the cake in the morning and just put the finishing touches on for us to have it as dessert.

We had a bottle chilling waiting for just the right occasion and this fitted the bill perfectly. JD did the honors after sending the cork into 2011!

That evening we found ourselves in one of Beth's favorite restaurants Pinocchio's, which has the best four cheese pizza you have ever tasted. Happy birthday Beth Hart one of my BFF in Belize, supporter of everyone and everything and all round good egg as us Brits would say. Here's to many others together and in our lovely San Pedro.

Once again thanks to my many followers and apologies for the complete lack of recent events being blogged. I haven't caught up from the craziness of June and have so many posts that I will get out to you asap. Cheers for keeping up with myself, the dogs, Lime and the many good people we have here in Belize, TTFN.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Long time no see?

For those of you that have been following this blog for a while now you will recognize this as myself and Karen from The Belize Jungle Dome. Karen and I became very good friends over five years ago now and pop back and forward to hang out with each other when time permits or when we are about to lose our minds!
I went to visit her last week as she is about to head home and have her baby very soon. Yes Karen is now married to Omar Cruz and about to have a little girl with him. Lots of changes in both of our lives this past 18 months however we will always stay in touch and you know I will blog any pictures she lets me.
I am sorry to have been so slack on this once again but I have had a lot of visitors over the past month and haven't sat still long enough to blog about it. All is well with everything in San Pedro and the crazy gang that live here. Fingers crossed that they are wrong about it being a bumper hurricane season this year, cheers and TTFN.