Saturday, June 28, 2008

How many girls can fit in the front of a buggie?

This picture proves just how not vain we are after living here a for a long time now in Belize.
Cindy texted me just before 6am the other morning about going for a walk with the dogs, so minutes later we are on the beach with our happy gang of four legged buddies. Lisbon, Jackie and Molly.
An hour or so later we stop by on our way back to see the lovely Eli Pearly in the dive shop at Banyan Bay and asked her to take this shot of us. Thanks to her talents at photography along with many others we have this natural picture of a very happy group of girls about to face the day ahead.
Cindy and I not only work together in the Vacation Club at Banyan Bay and Grand Colony but since I broke my wrist last August and she became my Florence Nightingale we have become very good friends. Here's to many future adventures both in and out of work, that we will blog of course! Maybe we should use this as the postcard for Banyan Bay, oh I forgot no dogs on property, well it was early and the security guys were around the corner!

SWITCHFLOPS! The greatest footwear ever!

Oh my goodness I am so excited by my new shoes Switchflops! Are they just the greatest thing since sliced bread or what?
The lovely Cindy was going on and on about her Crocs and how fab they were so off I popped into town to see about a pair for me. After realising Crocs made my feet look like boats I was about to give up when was presented with Switchflops! Now those of you out there that know me well, you will know that I am not your typical girlie girl, however since living here in Belize and only having to worry about matching flipflops with bags I seem to have become a bit of a co-ordinated person! This is how it works, you buy a pair which come with a set of tops already then you purchase other colours to go with them. Therefore you can pack to go on holiday with just one pair of flips and lots of tops! I swear to God that I am so excited about them and plan what colours I will wear to work each day whilst walking the dogs and deciding what mood I am in! A huge thank you to Cindy and the Caroline for buying me some for my birthday so now I have six tops and two bottoms!
I know it's sad but hey we live on an island and some things just really amuse us!

The black pair comes with the black polka dot and then I bought the others to go with them.

See how easy it all is

Pretty red ones not so pretty feet

One very happy Boydie and her co-ordinated outfit of the day!

Birthdays spent in paradise?

How does one spend their birthday in paradise? Well let me tell you how I did with my wonderful day here in San Pedro on Thursday. I was up very early as I wanted to see Marilyn Marx my very good friend up near the Palapa bar first thing so was up there by 6am, she is also an early riser. After some very lovely cups of tea later I am back at mine to get ready for work and it's only 7.45am. The dogs are exhausted after running to and from the bridge so they are all set for a bit and I don't feel too guilty about them not having their usual hour long walk.
Work by 8.30am to see some new members off and get a good start to the day before people get super active and of course some more tea! I have booked the dogs into the dog spa, Pampered Paws for 10.30am so I nip back home to get them and drop them off in town. I wanted them to be all clean and fresh for their photo shoot and my special day, thank goodness I don't have children as I load and unload those poor dogs on that buggie like no-ones business!
Whilst in town and not having a schedule for once I did some errands and caught up with people, even having time for a, you guessed it cup of tea in the Island perk. Picked up two very clean and fresh smelling dogs at 12.00pm then dropped them off at home and back to work.

A very happy Jackie and Lisbon after to session in Pampered Paws, not only looking clean but smelling oh so lovely also, happy birthday to me they are saying!

Had a post lobsterfest meeting with the Delucsious gang to sort out money and our winnings etc and more tea! I was saving myself for the big night so said no to an alcoholic beverage at this time. Had a phone call from front desk at 2.30pm saying they needed me in the staff canteen so off I went to a super surprise birthday cake made from the restaurant, so a few happy birthdays later and some delicious chocolate cake I am off again. (I really should be a size ten as I am worn out just following this!)

Wow look at that fabbo chocolate cake from Rico's, they even spelt it correctly well done gang!

Sharon making a wish and by the size of that candle it should be a good year, fingers crossed!

Who likes cake? All the fantastic women that we work with at Banyan Bay thats who!

My hair was booked for 3.00pm by the colour specialist Carole Goudreau so there I sit still for the first time all day. A good chance to clear out handbag etc and write a list of things to do. I now have much shorter hair with many different colours in it, very nice I think or at least it was when I left hers to go home and shower.
I was supposed to be at Grand Colony with the absolutely delightful Warburton's at 6.30pm for cheese and wine before dinner at Rico's but am getting so Belizean that I was about 15 mins late! Anyhow had some quality time with them in their condo and received another pair of fabulous Switchflops and covers for my birthday and a bottle of my fave wine Jacob's Creek. Then it was over to Banyan Bay's restaurant where I had invited friends to join me for a buffet and glass or two. I got there just before the heavens opened unlike a lot of other people that arrived totally soaked for the night out!
Some say it added to the evening and as there is no vanity in Belize it mattered very little that we all looked like drowned rats.

James part of the Warburton group being the entertainer this evening.

My very good friends Marie and Phill, they own Gecko Graphics and Casa Caracol and are another two Brits that can be found regularyly in that naughty pub aka Pedro's!

Some of our glamorous Rico staff, managing to keep everyone happy even in the rain!

Here she is the one and only Taco girl herself without Taco boy unfortuneately, at least we know this evening will be blogged by tomorrow by someone even if we are lagging behind, bless her.

Cindy caught on her own camera putting the worlds to rights with Steve Lee.

The very beautifull Caroline Warburton and her lovely husband Christopher, thanks once again for the switchflops and my dear friend Jacobs Creek, he and I will be having a night in very soon.

Denise Lee still looking lovely and smiley even though soaked through to the skin.

Cindy and her other half Paul, usually found in front of the camera and not behind it, he is the person responsible for our promo dvd.

I want to thank everyone that did show up especially in that weather and for helping to make it a really good evening. Thanks to Larry Letdown, aka JD, for the champagne to go with the cake, it didn't make up for him not being there but was a nice touch. Sorry that Billy No Mates aka Pedro was away and not there as he was in Roatan with Zippy aka Rebbecca.
So at about 10.15pm the Rico's staff still worn out from a busy few weeks and lobsterfest told us it was time to head home. For the record at 38 years of age I have finally sussed out the answer to not having a hangover, which is wait for it, plenty of water and pacing oneself, therefore I went home a happy bunny but not drunk! That comment was mainly for my parents as was asked the question earlier today from my dad if I got drunk on my birthday, umm I think they know me pretty well by now.
Therefore to sum my day up, it was a normal packed one with a lot achieved and some great time spent with some really excellent people. As those of you that know me I am not a religious person however I feel blessed to be surrounded by the people that I am in this wee piece of paradise, San Pedro Belize. Thank you to one and all for being you and making my day so special, here's to many more for all of us.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Happy birthday Boydie!!

Happy birthday to me happy birthday to me oh happy birthday to me! It is 11.30pm my time in Belize therefore 6.30am in England where my family are right now. I am holding off calling my parents as I know my mum will want to talk to me first thing and trust me this is where it is so hard being this far away from them. Anyhow I wanted my mum to see that I have a cake for my birthday and we will be tucking into it later on today the 26th June thanks to Tabu.
I am sorry for all the guests out here right now as I know it will rain today as it always did in England for Wimbledon the tennis tournament and it will for sure over here for any plans that we may have to celebrate my being a year older!
Thanks for all the well wishes especially from my wonderful family, mum and dad sisters and brother, neices and nephews. ex-boyfriends and that one and only ex-fiancee! I love and miss most of you and will be raising a glass or two to you later on today, ta ta for now from me in Belize LOL.

Happy Birthday Buddy

A shout out to my very good friend Karen Turner in Belmopan who has a birthday today. We met three years ago and became firm buddies from the start. She comes to San Pedro to party and have a night life and I go to her resort The Belize Jungle Dome in Belmopan to have a bit of rehab! She is off to Aruba tomorrow and then the states and then home to Canada to see family and friends. We wish her a super happy day and want to see her back here soon safe and sound.

Skipper & Susie go back to the vet's

Here are our favourite little pups, Skipper and Susie. Skipper has the floppy ears and Susie has the "Gizmo" ears!

They were scheduled to get a deworm booster and their Parvo, Distemper and everything else shots! These cost 70 BZ for both of them.

Heather the vet says they are doing just fine and will need to return in four weeks for their rabies shot and booster.

Thanks to a little treat Skipper didn't even notice he was being injected, but Susie started to squeak a little after the injection, so Heather rubbed the injection site and she soon was just fine.

Now that they have been dewormed, they should gain about half a pound per week. At the moment Skipper weighs 8lbs and Susie weighs in at 7lbs - they have both gained weight since their last visit 2 weeks ago.

Sitting at Banyan Bay, Skipper on the left and Susie on the right Check out those Gizmo ears!

Shaking those ears
Extreme close up More ears! (OK, so it's my camera and Susie is my favourite.....)

Who can say no? Not me to a cutie! Meet Mr Puppy

Mr Puppy

Good morning from a rather damp paradise today as we have some major rain last night night and a bit of a storm out there.
After an evening spent with some guests in Pedros which was very quiet as he is away for a few days, I dropped off the Warburtons at Grand Colony and headed home. After passing Marinas, the wee grocery store round the corner from Banyan Bay and seeing a puppy wandering around all by himself I couldn't help but turn around, pick him up and head back to my place.
Jackie and Lisbon were very interested in their guest and wanted to sniff him to bits. He was thirsty and hungry so some food and water later he snuggles up in the corners of every room.
Now I never have had a puppy as I got my two at around at least a year old but knew he would be likely to pee and poop all night so he spent the night on the balcony all curled up in a blanket. I checked on him throughout the night and he was fine and seems happy this morning. How tempted am I to add to our family, however I always said two hands two dogs therefore it will be off to Saga later today to get him checked out and hopefully a new home. Look how cute Mr Puppy is.
A shout out to Kathy and Dan Furlotte who have been following this from Canada, hello to both of you and Kathy it is tomorrow that I will be a year older and wiser.

Jackie & Lisbon don't seem very impressed with Mr Puppy

Off to SAGA on the golf cart

Monday, June 23, 2008

On yer bike girl!

It's very soon Sharon's birthday and the wonderful Desi Rosado bought her a very red and very shiny present complete with a basket and bright red lock.
Here it is and a rather wobbly Sharon on her new bike.

Good luck girl - just keep peddling!

Here we go again another week another cocktail party - week 25

Check out the dive shop coming on in leaps and bounds, should be ready for hurrican season!

She's in trouble when he sees this I reckon.

Our lovely honeymoon couple of the week, they did their research and won the wine this week.

The Casey family back again, a year older and taller looking at the mini me they both have.

The wonderfull Warburton family back with new friends to share our piece of paradise with.

Smile for the camera please aske Cindy and who can say no to her.

Some of the warner family, very pensive about our quiz.

Come on guys it won't hurt and the rum punch is worth the pose I promise.

These guys are always keen to raise a glass or two to good friends and company.

More of the warner group, they keep on growing in numbers.

Little Mister Warner

These guys took a while but finally got all the dwarfs well done young man!

What do lobsters make? Prizes!!!!!!!!

Between Deluscious (that's what we named ourselves) and Rico's Restaurant at Banyan Bay we swept the board!

Here are our pics.

Two very tired lobsters aka Sharon and Cindy after receiving the prize for best booth.

Colourful dancers
Banyan Bay glamour

Cindy with other crazy bloggers

Our very own manuel very happy to be a part of Rico's, the winning food of the night.

Laura the manager of Banyan Bay and Sharon of Deluscious, tired but very happy.

The winning team, Sharon, Cindy and her Paul behind, then taco boy and girl and helper Shannon, one happy bunch of lobster heads.

One very happy Laura celebrating with our speciality drink The Bikini Bottom!

One of our Rico chefs Francisco, always time for a smile and a pose.

Busy ladies
Banyan Bay out there again taking home the prize and proving what a great bunch they all are.

Could those smiles be any bigger, we are the simply the best!