Friday, June 6, 2008

Cocktail party (yes I know, we're running a little late...)

Thanks to TS Arthur, our weekly welcome cocktail party was postponed from Sunday to Monday then moved to Tuesday evening, better late than never as they say. Plus we wanted to wait until we had happier guests to deal with! We were blessed with a dry and very pleasant evening with alot of banter as always over our quiz! Welcome to our RCI owners this week who are the Hasmanns, the Marlers and the Williams families.

The lovely Nick and Judy Bellino, here for six weeks this time to keep us on our toes!

The Sloan family adding some glamour to our cocktail party.

Our honeymoon couple of the week, the Hoisingtons, bet we don't see them around too much!

The Hassmanns from Kentucky are back with some close friends, I knew to have the wet weather hair look today after all the wind right now, sorry Sharon H!!

Thought it apt to have a storm question this week and the Haydels won again, high stakes with us at Banyan Bay and everyone wanted that tube of pringles. ( Thanks again to the Hulses!)

The table and nibbles were oh so very lovely, Rico's did us proud once again cheers gang!

Sharon topping up her rum punch, nearly gone now and then that's the end to another one!

The Williams family back with us mixing with the Ojala guests here on an exchange through RCI.

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