Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Skipper and Susie go to Saga, the Humane Society

Sharon and Zac with the gorgeous brother and sister Skipper and Susie, about to go to the vets.

They are just oh so cute and full of life and love ears which was quite nice really!!

Skipper was patiently waiting for Susie to get the once over, we took them to be vaccinated only to find out that they had tick fever which is common in puppies here on the island.

Our super generous RCI owner Mr John Hassmann from Kentucky who made a donation to the San Pedro Humane Society, he is very active back home in the Louiville society and enjoyed touring ours here, thank you from the four legged ones.

We drove over to see the shelter and the lovely dogs in there right now.

Take me home this wee one was saying, it is so hard not to gather them up and give them a home, however he is so cute hopefully it won't be long before someone does.

Another cutie behind bars, at least they are warm and safe and fed here until the right people come by and add them to their families.

This is a great local young man called Steven,with John Hassmann, who found the pups and gave them a home. I am going to be aunty Sharon and help keep these little ones up to date with vaccinations and heart guard etc, follow their developement on this blog and watch them grow in leaps and bounds.

John gets to meet the fantastic vet, Heather Stewart who looks after all the animals of San Pedro, she is an angel and has devoted herself to the well being of all those in need.

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