Monday, June 9, 2008

Who's here this week? Cocktail party - week 23

OK here we are, Cindy Vigna and Sharon Boyd - Banyan Bay's very own party girls! On a very windy Sunday afternoon!

Another week goes by and the dive shop is certainly moving in the right direction, not to the bottom of the sea this time unlike last November!

The Mitchell family who had to wait for mum for help with the quiz, bless them.

Welcome back to the JR and Judy Wright and Joel Mills with some friends and family.

Here he is the owner of Banyan Bay and Grand Colony, Mr Seferino Paz, fondly known by friends and family as Cheffy. Checking out the cocktail party after a long week, maybe he needs a rum punch not water!

Another delightful buffet from Rico's restaurant, they do us and the resort proud, cheers guys.

Ummm each mouthful had a unique taste.

A very local dish of conch ceviche, an absolute winner at all times of the day.

A very studious bunch concentrating very hard to win our top prizes, welcome back to the Julian family, the 3 on the left, here for the first of their two trips this year.

Our youngest guests this week, the Wakil family.

Our very own Father Christmas, Mr Bill Julian and his lovely wife Sheila and grandson Zac.

Our very fun-loving Sharlyn Williams with some lively friends, and the lovely Cindy (IT).

Congratulations to our very own chef Luis who came second in the annual Belize Tourist Board, 'Taste of Belize' competition. Look at the size of that trophy!!

Maybe 2nd this year but watch out for them in 2009!

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