Sunday, June 8, 2008

Lobster Festival, coming soon 14th-21st June !

Good morning to everyone out there following all our antics here in San Pedro Belize.
A few months ago the lovely Cindy ( IT ) suggested that a group of us friends get together and do our own stand for the upcoming event Lobster Festival 08, well why not it will be a giggle no doubt. Well suddenly it is only two weeks away so we have spent the last couple of Saturdays brainstorming what we are to do as in the cocktail and the dish and our whole stand etc.
Yesterday was the food and drink testing and tasting session at my house and I haven't had so much fun in ages, the guys as in the two Paul's were busy de-veining shrimp ( Lobster isn't in season right now) at the table. Cindy and I were mixing various drinks and following orders from everyone and Laurie was keeping us all in order and taking notes.
After alot of cocktails and many dishes we thought they were all absolutely brilliant, at this point I am not sure what we have decided upon but the pictures that will follow after the festival will definitely tell you the story of how much fun we have had. I hope we do well and win something as recognition for all our effort but if not it has been a blast preparing for it as you will see in two weeks time.
Here goes another week in paradise with the sun shinning brightly, goodbye to last weeks guests and welcome to this weeks new ones.

Sharon, Brad the hairdresser and our good friend Elaine that used to live here at last years Lobster Festival. I had overdone the sun that day and was really into the lobster theme!

Locals, Gringos and tourists all getting in the block party mood and making it a fab night!

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