Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Skipper & Susie go back to the vet's

Here are our favourite little pups, Skipper and Susie. Skipper has the floppy ears and Susie has the "Gizmo" ears!

They were scheduled to get a deworm booster and their Parvo, Distemper and everything else shots! These cost 70 BZ for both of them.

Heather the vet says they are doing just fine and will need to return in four weeks for their rabies shot and booster.

Thanks to a little treat Skipper didn't even notice he was being injected, but Susie started to squeak a little after the injection, so Heather rubbed the injection site and she soon was just fine.

Now that they have been dewormed, they should gain about half a pound per week. At the moment Skipper weighs 8lbs and Susie weighs in at 7lbs - they have both gained weight since their last visit 2 weeks ago.

Sitting at Banyan Bay, Skipper on the left and Susie on the right Check out those Gizmo ears!

Shaking those ears
Extreme close up More ears! (OK, so it's my camera and Susie is my favourite.....)

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