Monday, June 23, 2008

Here we go again another week another cocktail party - week 25

Check out the dive shop coming on in leaps and bounds, should be ready for hurrican season!

She's in trouble when he sees this I reckon.

Our lovely honeymoon couple of the week, they did their research and won the wine this week.

The Casey family back again, a year older and taller looking at the mini me they both have.

The wonderfull Warburton family back with new friends to share our piece of paradise with.

Smile for the camera please aske Cindy and who can say no to her.

Some of the warner family, very pensive about our quiz.

Come on guys it won't hurt and the rum punch is worth the pose I promise.

These guys are always keen to raise a glass or two to good friends and company.

More of the warner group, they keep on growing in numbers.

Little Mister Warner

These guys took a while but finally got all the dwarfs well done young man!

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taph2o said...

she's not in trouble she knows what a little devil I am