Friday, June 13, 2008

Friday the 13th of June!!!

Good morning to all out there, being that I am not a superstitious person I had completely forgotten about the date today. However for those of you that are, please take it easy, no ladders or cracks in the pavement and please unlike myself years ago, know that black cats are lucky and not the other way around!
Another week in paradise is drawing to a close, today I will be seeing many tired but hopefully happy people hanging around the pool as there are not usually too many divers going out the day before they leave. It is lucky that some professional photographers came last night to get shots of our guests for some promotional material that is to be used in the near future. Therefore we will soon have some famous people to poke fun at in the future also!
The Wright's and the Mill's group have been very busy and have hardly been spotted at all since the cocktail party. Poor Mr Jullian has been worn out by his 13 yr old grandson Zack, and has been recovering from a full day of zip lining, cave tubing and another Mayan ruin in the week. (It has been noted by myself and his lovely wife Sheila that he doesn't ever want to see another one!) Then there is the glamorous William's group that have fallen in love this week - !!! with a new drink that Cindy made for them in Pedro's. That just leaves the Hassmanns, well after two weeks of hanging out with friends, taking in the fantastic view from Grand Colony number 8 and the odd drink or two they now need a holiday to recover! I have to say that after seeing these guys for two weeks solid it is sad to see them go. Every morning between 6-7am I wave and say "hi" to them as I am walking the wee ones and they tell me what they did the night before and the plans for that day, Sharon Hassmann can generally be found in and around GC as she is recuperating from a hectic run up to the Kentucky Derby as that is their business.
Tomorrow will be a sad one saying goodbye to these now friends of ours however we know that we will be seeing them again all too soon, have a great day everyone ta ta for now.

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