Sunday, March 21, 2010

St Paddy's day part two

Friday was the day that Legend's burger joint threw their St Paddy's day party and what a blast it was. Here is Jewels looking very festive with a beautiful smile as always.

Gino led the music and was absolutely FAB.
Cousin Catherine and Marie of Gecko Graphics struck a pose for me, knowing it would be one for the blog!

Poor Tyler was a man down on the bar so was up to his eyes in keeping us all lubricated with drinks!
A large crowd were there united in having a great time, a boogie, some drinks and setting the weekend off in style.

This young lady was a blast on and off the dance floor! It got very hot so she kept stopping by to put her lovely face in the fan. No it isn't karaoke, however she would have been up for that also I do believe.
Catherine is so shy and reserved I was worried she wouldn't fit in with our lot-not!

Everyone was at it-having a boogie that is.
Tonight was also a fundraiser as in some money to send the young man on the guitar to music school in the states. I believe there needs to be over $15,000.00 raised and tonight was a good chunk at $1700.00 and there have been others over the past few weeks and more planned.
Drummer Dan and Zac.

Cori and Cinders giving it large.

Somehow she never spilt a drop, that girl has some skill or what!

Everyone loves Shreak and we are no exceptions.

Beth had to have her cuddle too.

I had been asleep on him earlier which is quite amazing as the music was very very loud.

Don't worry special man in the UK as this was the only thing I got close to on this particular night! I was so happy that there were two parties this week for St Patrick's day as I got to wear my outfit twice! It was a great night as it always is at Legends as they have their usual Jam session every Tuesday and the music keeps getting better and better.

Lots of blogging to follow next week as we are launching something new and exciting so stay tuned for that and to meet the new staff to the green team. Another great week in San Pedro, Belize, the weather is lovely as a bit cooler with the sun still shinning, gotta love living in paradise!

Friday, March 19, 2010

Lime goes Irish!!!

Here we go again in our crazy world in San Pedro Belize! This week we have March 17th and all you party lovers out there know that this is just an excuse to celebrate once again, wear green, eat and drink green things and get very very merry! However the gang at Lime can't leave it at that, we have to throw in some extras for entertainment, not that us lot aren't enough!

Auntie Moira and Catherine brought some of our favourite English chocolates and being the caring sharing person I am it was time for another guess the number of sweets and win them.

What the heck is this all about I hear you gasp? All harmless fun and as we spend much of our time in bikini tops this is nothing new having your boobs on display. So I thought you lot get to see them all the time lets see who really knows there boobs!!! There are 12 people and 12 names so just match them up-easy eh?

First to guess were the boys from Reef Village who spent a lot of time at the board and even made more then one entry! I have to say that Mr Chris Burkey certainly does know his boobs and won this competition hands down!

When I came back from my trip to England last month and did an overnight in Houston I spent a few hours in Walmart and picked up all this fun stuff for St Paddy's day so everyone came in to get GREEN!!
Kathy on my left is the newest member of the Lime team and not being one liking photos did really well today as she was in a fair few.

Free green nibbles between 6-9pm for those drinking and these lovely cup cakes were made by the other Sharon who is back for a few days from her charters and came to hang with us.

Check out the bar staff tonight, myself, Tanya, Cassidy and Patricia made up the GREEN team!

Tanya aka Tizzler was right into the spirit of the day and looked super cool with all her gear.

Some Reef Village guests standing next to Grant and Sharon, all very happy and festive.

Ok enough with this lively beer, I never had problems pulling pints in the UK this Belizien beer is way to lively for me to control! I went through two glasses before I got less head, check out the colour green or what?
Tanya was a bit freaked out by it too!

Three very glam and happy ladies.

Myself being sandwiched by two of my favourite guys on the island, till next week anyhow!

Auntie Moira, myself Catherine and Beth all happy to go GREEN!

This one needs little exception except you would expect little else from this pair!

Myself and house mate Christine who is thrilled that we sidetracked from the green hair idea of earlier in the week as now she doesn't have to correct it tomorrow!

As this was a fundraiser for the Saga Humane Society Gino played for a couple of hours for us and was fantastic as usual.
Cassidy was the hostess with the mostest and kept doing the rounds with lots of green food

Sari got into the spirit of things also after visiting out gift shop and getting herself decked out.

It never ends in Limey's Bar & Grill, there is fun to be had every time we blow up a few balloons!

Jiovanni our second chef and bartender was pretty knackered after his day of preparing for this event, bless him.
Lets go again Cassidy, the green cheese and pineapple was a total hit.

Do we have the cutest bar staff in San Pedro or what? The cheekiest for sure and we all love it.

Jock got into the spirit of things and luckily enough supports Celtic football team which are of course GREEN!
That lovely lady on the left is still smiling away three hours later.

The gang are in hanging out in Lime.

Renita and Cindy of the best B and B on the island Changes In Latitude's came by to support us and the Humane Society as always and added some life to this spot in the bar-cheers girls!
The evening just kept changing all night long. Different crowds came and went and it never stopped which was cool and it added a whole new atmosphere each time.

Cute couple
Is that lady desperate for a drink or what? She was trying to read a label of one of the Whiskeys so in the end we passed it to her.

Some of the guys from a big group who came last year and remembered the fun they had in Lime and wanted a repeat performance, here we go!

Bit of a twinkle toes who was in charge of all his partners until Catherine took to the floor.

His wife loved it that she not got to have a break and snap pictures instead.

Time to bring the signs in and start calling it a night, these guys would have partied until next St Paddy's day if we had let them!

The morning after the night before I was eating the naughty chocolate thingy out of the prize for the Guess The Cleavage!

I hope my smile says it all, it was a crazy busy fun day, filled with some great people having a great time. We are so lucky in San Pedro that we follow all the holidays all over the world it seems so there is always an excuse to throw something! When there isn't we just make something up so yes we do live the party life but believe me it can be tough. It is a crazy life but like Kate with the eight says it's our life!

We raised just over $100.00bz for the Humane Society which all goes to help the island animals that can't help themselves. Cheers to all that came and supported in person and as always thanks to the many that follow nthis blog and support us from afar, you know who you are and we love you. Cheers for now have a great weekend and stay tuned to follow next weeks antics!