Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lime goes Indian!

As I said last week, no two weeks are the same in Lime as we really do try to mix things up a bit and this week was no exception. Being the Limey's that many of us are we miss the option of Indian cooking so after some negotiations with people in the know and flew the chef in.

How do you turn Lime Tour Centre into Lime's Indian you may ask? Well that's pretty simple to answer you make a couple of calls and have the tables and chairs delivered.

Right to your front door, then they get picked up the very next morning enabling you to put the furniture back for the office.

Serving dishes are always handy for a buffet style menu for about 50 people so then you call your buddies and ask for a few favours. This is Ruth Veralle's who's family own Caribbean Villas.

Check it out, with some nice white linens and some stunning table covers from another very good friend this place is taking shape nicely.

A few Lime napkins just add that something that's needed to remind us where we are.
Here we have the two brothers that have arranged this whole thing along with JD and myself.

It has been a very hectic day but now time to hand it all over to the boys for them to wow the crowd with the food. I know the place looks the part now lets see if the food lives up to it.
Myself and Piku before he went home to freshen up.
Cassidy having a quick breather with Wade before it all takes off at ninety miles and hour.
They said they needed a grill well they got one, it may look like a barbe but for tonight it is a Tandoor oven!
Yes JD needs a haircut, but when you live with a hair dresser you are the last in line for a cut and blow dry, believe me as I share the house with one also and look at my hair!

Cosy or what, a bit of lighting and imagination and you could be anywhere!
This is Piku who owns the clothes store around the corner from Lime and instigated this night.
Get ready to start drooling and if you are hungry whilst looking at these you may want to skip a few shots.

Sari was very much looking the part and glamorous too as usual, the girls are all out tonight!

Time to eat and get served by the ever smiling Jiovanni, our chef and bar tender.
Wolfgang and his group were very happy to be sitting and enjoying some great food.
It wouldn't be a night in Lime without a dog somewhere and this wee cutie was so well behaved she gets to come and see us anytime she likes.
The lids are off and the smells were wafting all over the place, people jumped out of their seats to fill their plates.
These guys were Indian so we were very happy to hear how much they enjoyed all the dishes.
Eating in the bar or at the tables was cool, this group were equally impressed with the food and Chris Burkey, the guy in the hat!

Looks good enough to eat- you think?

Grant and Beth being made to pose for my camera.
This looks like it was a planned uniform, black tops and white bottoms but that wasn't the case just great minds thinking alike!

These lovely ladies were vets from the states and came into Lime every day to have a coffee and use the free Internet. Super lovely ladies who always came in with a smile and brightened our days.
Our main man was trying to entice people to have the Indian sweet which was a fabulous kinda pastry syrupy thing, looked weird tasted fab.

Good to see Olive and Louis who are very near to having their first baby together, don't eat too much hot stuff Olive or it may be even sooner!

The smoking room was pretty popular all night long as usual, Phil n Marie were hanging out with Christine and Mike.
These guys look like they are all high on something or have wind! I guess there was just a lot of love going around after a very successful night.

My turn to pose.
Myself and the lovely chef aptly named Winky! To be honest I didn't see much of that throughout the 8 hours he put in in preparation.

Group shot
I was forced to eat this but had to admit they tasted much better than they looked.

Piku loves them, who ate all the balls? He he that's why he has a big belly!

A tired but happy team that had been at it all day.

JD and Jock's version of a body shot! They did a deal with Cassidy that she had to do some after them, like she was born yesterday!

Time for Jeagar bombs.

We deserve it!
Ashley making JD looks good.

Cute or what

Check out Ashley in the backround.

Ok before anyone else says it about beer and head I know I am not the best bar tendet in the whole of San Pedro. Like I always say in reply we all have our talents and I guess this isn't one of mine!
This man may be a nightmare but he's my nightmare!

The Indian night was a huge sucess, the food was great the guys are a lovely bunch to work with and the crowd of people that came are top people. For just $35bz a head there were some very full and happy people in San Pedro tonight. Cheers for now take care and have a good week.

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