Saturday, March 6, 2010

The fun and games are back!

T G I F, and for those that have been to San Pedro for a visit you will know that two are never the same and you never know what is about to occur. This particular morning this out going skydiver stopped by for a coffee and to use the free Internet. He came into the tour side to try and shock Tracey and I, now knowing how well traveled we both are! Also not knowing what a blogger I am and how the camera is ever ready so I shot away and as some of you may be eating as you read this I will just post this one but can email the others!

Friday afternoon came at us like a jet plane and it was time for the awaited for cook off as we missed February whilst I was in the UK.

Myself and my house mate, hairdresser and BFF, posing calmly before the storm, yes green is the obligatory color.
Kathy is a new member of the Lime team and on hand to help us tonight on the right we have Marie of Gecko Graphics, very happy that it is Friday and time for a beer.

Ashley who works at the restaurant in Fido's called Nautica finished her regular day job and rushed to Lime to help us and her room mate Cassidy.

I know we say this a lot but believe me this time we had to have had the best and most amount of dishes. They were all here by the 6pm start time and were all very well presented, we didn't want to dig in and start serving them up.

Someone was very ingenious with this addition to their dish as they were subliminally telling people to vote for number eleven the sausage casserole.

Had the lovely Tanya stayed in that position all night I am sure she would have won instead of being fifth place but one has to be fair no?

And they are off, unlike the past cook offs this one was at a steady pace instead of everyone being here racing to eat at six. We had people coming and going for the whole two hours and never ran out of one dish until they had all been tasted.

Jim Janmohamed minus his lovely wife Jamilla and Kathy who entered number one were very happy to pose as they were about to eat.

Check out this lovely bunch of women.

Shannon on the far left took over form Natasha and now Kathy in the middle is taking over from Shannon. Who wants to take over from me I ask? No way as for now I will lead my Limey's into the high season and beyond!

We had some great prizes which the cooks were eyeing up all night and hoping that they would be taking one home with them.

The lovely Sandra and Jan of Portofino who won the 2009 contest and were in this one in the hope of upholding their position.

As we are the base for the fundraising for Saga's Humane Society here in San Pedro it is only fitting that there is usually a dog hiding somewhere around the place. This is Phil n Marie's dog Ella who can be found allowing herself a tummy rub from anyone willing to give her one.

Shannon took time out to sample what she had been serving up all night.

To my right is Piku who will be supplying Lime with an Indian chef to cook on sight next Friday and on my Left the cuddly Jimjam who is looking a little heavier for his wife being away. He promises to get on his bike before she arrives back on the island but as he only has until Tuesday I sadly fear he will fail that mission!

Cassidy and Tracey did a fantastic job in the bar along with Giovanni and kept everyone in liquids and very happy.
Not sure what the joke was but cute picture and as it's my blog in it goes!

Is this the perfect family or what? A joy to have in Lime and as we are smoke free while there is food being served it is cool for the children to be there until they crash for the night.

Time to pose for one or two more, which like I said earlier makes a change on these nights but like every event in Lime no two are the same.

I know sorry more of me and the girls but there is now a special someone in the UK that follows this blog and I want them to see what we are getting up to and who with as I talk about the gang all the time.
A fantastic shot of the lovely Beth who manned this whole table by herself and did great. Nothing phases her and as always is on hand to support our events.

I was in charge of taking the money and stamping a paw print on everyone's hands.

This little princess was checking hers out.

She is so special that she got one on each hand.

Her little brother was happy to hang with Christine for a while too, giving mum and dad a chance to chat with people.

The smoking room!
What is that saying that everything has it's price well that was true tonight. I was asked by this young man if he could buy the T-shirt and we both came up with the same figure and it was his. I had a target of what would be great to raise and this would help towards that figure. Plus he is the chef of Portofino so how could I say no?

Time to count and call on Marie once again who is regularyly a judge here in San Pedro.

People awaiting patciently.

We had joint third place which was the curry dish number 7 and a late arrival number 15 which was a chicken casserole.

She is such a cutie.
Kathy came second with a beef nacho casserole, her hubby was very happy to be taking home the biscuits.
Time for tea they should be saying so that they can dunk them in.

The winner was yes you guessed it Portofino with Pork curry coconut stew.

One very happy team and rightly so, they brought a huge dish which took a lot of work.

It was a great night with $500bz being raised. The winner gets to nominate where the money will go and Sandra and Jan decided that the Aces school should benefit. Next week they will tell us what they want us to buy or put the money towarda. The next cook off is to be Asian dishes and will be friday 16th of April, cheers for now.

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