Sunday, March 21, 2010

St Paddy's day part two

Friday was the day that Legend's burger joint threw their St Paddy's day party and what a blast it was. Here is Jewels looking very festive with a beautiful smile as always.

Gino led the music and was absolutely FAB.
Cousin Catherine and Marie of Gecko Graphics struck a pose for me, knowing it would be one for the blog!

Poor Tyler was a man down on the bar so was up to his eyes in keeping us all lubricated with drinks!
A large crowd were there united in having a great time, a boogie, some drinks and setting the weekend off in style.

This young lady was a blast on and off the dance floor! It got very hot so she kept stopping by to put her lovely face in the fan. No it isn't karaoke, however she would have been up for that also I do believe.
Catherine is so shy and reserved I was worried she wouldn't fit in with our lot-not!

Everyone was at it-having a boogie that is.
Tonight was also a fundraiser as in some money to send the young man on the guitar to music school in the states. I believe there needs to be over $15,000.00 raised and tonight was a good chunk at $1700.00 and there have been others over the past few weeks and more planned.
Drummer Dan and Zac.

Cori and Cinders giving it large.

Somehow she never spilt a drop, that girl has some skill or what!

Everyone loves Shreak and we are no exceptions.

Beth had to have her cuddle too.

I had been asleep on him earlier which is quite amazing as the music was very very loud.

Don't worry special man in the UK as this was the only thing I got close to on this particular night! I was so happy that there were two parties this week for St Patrick's day as I got to wear my outfit twice! It was a great night as it always is at Legends as they have their usual Jam session every Tuesday and the music keeps getting better and better.

Lots of blogging to follow next week as we are launching something new and exciting so stay tuned for that and to meet the new staff to the green team. Another great week in San Pedro, Belize, the weather is lovely as a bit cooler with the sun still shinning, gotta love living in paradise!