Friday, May 29, 2009

Jimmy James does Lime!

Look who's back in San Pedro, our good friend and fantastic hairdresser Christine and the lovely Walter hanging out with the girls.

Another familiar and handsome face the one and only Chris Burkey have a wee drink or two with JD for old times sake and maybe new ones!

Another good one of beth I must be in credit but now?

Now there is a mix of cultures and personalities for sure, American, Belizien and Scottish!

Doing what we do best, making and tasting the drinks, someone has to do it eh!

Great to see Debbie and her new husband in Lime.

Jimmy James new to the island and a lot of fun to have in the bar as you are about to see.

Guinness appropriately named as he hangs out in our bar quiet a bit, love him as he is such a huge softie!
Yes that is a green drink he has and once I told his owner that is was a very strong slime punch it was taken off him.
Walter has the mike!
He also has some cheeky little moves!

We had some rapping also gtonight as these two made a great team for a while

Does he get around or what? Behind the bar now

Self portrait, hair is getting lighter by the day yerhhhh.

Jimmy James can get them people going for sure

Walter's hair is down and everyone else has to try and wear his hat or whatever it is you call it.

The luscious Lucy is getting in the mood now

Check out that hair

Guinness joins in the fun too

What does JD look like? Answers ona postcard please.

What it is about Walter's hair that has everyone intrigued.

It was another great Tuesday night in Lime with some regular faces and some new ones cheers for now to all out there and hurry back to drink some beer!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Red Ginger, San Pedro's latest restaurant

Having heard lots of good things about Red Ginger we were heading out for diner with Christine who is here this week and decided to try it out.

Another great shot of Beth how cool is that!

The colour scheme inside the restuarant is just lovely, very warm but chic. You could almost be anywhere in the world as it is not on the beach but set back in the new resort the Phoenix.

Some familiar faces were waiting on us which was great.

We missed photographing the appetizers which we tried 3 different ones that were all great then we shared this main meal.

Of course we had room for dessert and again these were all fantastic, not only do they look great they tasted just oh so fine too.

Good enough to eat as well as very photogenic! This was a chocolate mouse thingy!

This was a key lime pie on a biscuit base which was sharp but again oh so fine.

This photo is for Rachel Hoke and her family in Michigan to show that I am a big softie and let Jackie jump up on the sofa when we got home from red ginger.

I love that dog!
Quite like this one too, my devil Lisbon who is so much trouble but totally worth it, bit like me eh! TTFN