Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Fishing in San Pedro

I thought it about time to have some other colour in my posts than Lime so here goes with a lot of blue as you will see. A good friend of mine was to go fishing recently and he went with a new guide that we are using with called Albert. Now bear in mind I am not an avid fisherman so I will keep my girlie comments to myself for once!

Charles having a pensive moment!

The man at the back is the lovely smiley Albert

I guess this has something to do with bait

Looks good enough to jump in, told you there was to be lots of blue, sorry for those out there that follow this blog and are having a grey day!

Look at that wee little thing he has going on there!

Here we go again, let's hope it's a bit bigger that the last one

He's one happy camper eh

By all accounts it was a great morning with everyone catching something apart from the sun!

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