Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Shout out to Tracey Leask

It is official we have the best ceviche and chips on the island says Donald and Glynis Khus. They should know as they have tried it all over San Pedro for many years now and always favoured somewhere else until I challenged them to try ours. We have been complimented on our chips many times as we make them here and they are very fresh and crunchy.

After their nibble on ceviche it was onto the Italian spaghetti meatballs which again were a huge hit, so now after seeing this and you all feeling hungry head over to Lime for a bite to eat.

Wow Friday night whizzed around again and hit us full on, here we go for another mad one!

Looks who's back in the fold the Hoke family are here again for the week and loving our new look

Time to do some work which is great as felt much better the next day for pouring them rather than drinking them, damn that peach vodka and Yeager of course.

One of the many Peter's is back with us pictured here with the lovely Canadian Mark and Michelle minus Jasper!

This young cutie was a typical Hooray Henry straight from London and loving himself in that pink shirt!
This lovely lady on the left is Kamela Shadduck who runs singledivers and brought her fun gang in for their last night in San Pedro.

Well it is Freaky Friday so plenty of silly shots and jello going around as can be demonstrated by this fun group.
For a wee bar we can fit quite a few in at times.

My fault I did tell them to try and be sexy while doing shots

This lovely young man was giving a thank you speech to Kamala and has promised us a prompt return to Belize.
It went on for quite some time, I thought I was the only one that chatted a lot!

Their turn for jello

What a cute group they were

Kamala is still laughing about her trip onto the dock and those lovely black eyes!

All divers, finding plenty to talk about of course especially with Peter in the conversation.

The sexy Natasha
Plus the sultry Cassidy!

This lovely lady will kill me with this shot but what the heck eh! The hamster look is in no?

The party gang are now here and complete as Caroline is in the fold!

My good buddy from Michigan state and I, looking like sisters until I go blonde again.

So it's 8pm and time to do the draw for the Saga Humane Society's 50/50 which we do every Friday night in Lime. The guest of honour this week is Craig as we are thrilled that he still came out even though his lovely wife Tracey had to rush home to South Africa to be with family. Shout out to Tracey at this point and know that we all love and miss you and wish your dad the best of health!
Shaking them up big time so he doesn't pull out one he may know as we all have different numbers and colours.
Bless him not one to cheat at all I bet, such a man.

Who's did he pull I wonder?

Would you believe it he pulled out Tracey's, his partner who has never won it so far

Cheers Tracey the drinks are on you!

Um lovely Yeager not! Why we do it I will never know but luckily JD is away this week so we didn't do too many on this Friday evening thank goodness as the head agreeded the next day.

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