Thursday, May 28, 2009

Red Ginger, San Pedro's latest restaurant

Having heard lots of good things about Red Ginger we were heading out for diner with Christine who is here this week and decided to try it out.

Another great shot of Beth how cool is that!

The colour scheme inside the restuarant is just lovely, very warm but chic. You could almost be anywhere in the world as it is not on the beach but set back in the new resort the Phoenix.

Some familiar faces were waiting on us which was great.

We missed photographing the appetizers which we tried 3 different ones that were all great then we shared this main meal.

Of course we had room for dessert and again these were all fantastic, not only do they look great they tasted just oh so fine too.

Good enough to eat as well as very photogenic! This was a chocolate mouse thingy!

This was a key lime pie on a biscuit base which was sharp but again oh so fine.

This photo is for Rachel Hoke and her family in Michigan to show that I am a big softie and let Jackie jump up on the sofa when we got home from red ginger.

I love that dog!
Quite like this one too, my devil Lisbon who is so much trouble but totally worth it, bit like me eh! TTFN


Rachel Hoke said...

HAHAHA! That's perfect! But what about poor Lisbon? Apparently I need to come back for a visit and stay with you for a bit and let poor Lisbon (your red-headed step-child) on the couch as well!

sharon said...

She doesn't do couches or beds just her cushion on the floor that she loves, knew you would like that picture cheers for now good buddy lolX