Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Shock, Horror and Upset!!!!

Total shock has hit us all on our beautiful island of San Pedro, what you may ask? Captain Ray as you all know him of 14 years previously at The Villas At Banyan Bay and now at Grand Colony Island Villas has just been laid off.
It is a very sad day for the visitors to the island that started their holiday with Captain Ray and ended it with him , we will keep you updated as to his whereabouts on this blog ttfn.


Kathy said...

We were very sorry to hear about
Mr. Raymond's layoff.

He always had a friendly smile and wave everytime we saw him (even if it was 5 times a day!)

Banyan Bay will not be the same.

Dan and Kathy

Rachel Hoke said...

I can tell you that Ray picked us up to start our week and it was a wonderful welcome from him as always. Like greeting family after a long absence. The return trip to the airport at the end of the week was ridiculous. Waited and waited and waited for some driver to come get us and it was a drastic difference from the "Ray" touch as has been the case for nearly everything since the changes at Grand Colony. That place has gone downhill in service since your departure too...