Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Happy birthday Helda

It was actually Helda's birthday yesterday and she has been celebrating all weekend and deserves to continue. Therefore luckily for me she still had a cheesecake that needed to be eaten so she came into Lime to share it with the lucky people around the bar.

Just a few candles as who cares about the numbers as we all know it's about the cake!

First slice to be cut and eaten by Helda then the rest for me!

Robbie looking on and knowing that he will still lose weight can't wait for his piece, this high will powered Scott has lost about 20lbs in four weeks now so well done matey and keep it up!

Happy birthday buddy and here's to many more and mine next!!!! Well maybe not next but in June anyhow.
My favourite part dishing out the cake and finding the biggest bit for me!


Carbunkle Trumpet said...

Helda's haircut looks nice! See yall (southern term, I know) in 30 days!

Ruthie said...

Helda...happy birthday! Yes, the hair looks fab!

barry said...

Happy BD Helda... . wish I was there & can't wait to be back