Friday, May 22, 2009

Coyote Ugly in San Pedro!!!

Well it wouldn't be right not to have a dog in the post, so here is Rusty as Sharon & Cassidy called him who was taken off the beach with a bad leg and headed to Saga Humane Society-cutie or what?
So what's so special about this particular Tuesday you may ask? We needed some footage for the last part of our promotional video about San Pedro and the two sides of Lime and what we have to offer. It was hoped that we would have a good crowd in for our fish n chip night and it was spot on.
Sharon C which is not me as I am Sharon B made some great jello shots of all different origins that went down too well.

Some familiar faces and some old ones too, of course and I don't just mean the wrinkles!

One of the ladies that makes great chili

The lovely Megan who was on face book live from the bar.

The other great chili maker!

One more Yeagar and there's not telling what I might do!!!

Here we go wait for it?
After his weight loss of 15lbs so far his shorts are constantly falling off him, this could be very embarrassing!
Yes you are see correctly there are people up on the bar

Getting down on it

Three ladies and the one and only JD who of course loves those odds.

A great shot of the lovely Cassidy

Karen is not only hot in the kitchen but also turning the heat up in the bar.

An impromptu show in Lime tonight for sure

What is that saying about old dogs and tricks, this hound is always up a spot of dancing with the women.
Karen our number two chef is a hot number all by herself

Our good friends Mark and Michelle who was seen up there also and holding up the Canadian end of being a good sport. The video will be out soon and up for grabs so stay tuned, cheers ttfn.


Rachel Hoke said...

OMG - I just don't even know what to say about that! JD on the bar...?!!

Anonymous said...

All nice photos !...
Ciao from Italy