Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What makes San Pedro so special?

I ask this question many times of my RCI owners at Banyan Bay and Grand Colony that come back to Belize each year and every time they tell me it is the people that make this such a unique and special place. Here is an example of why this is such the case.
This lovely young man is called Alex Pineda who is a 13 year old local resident seen regularly selling around the beaches at of San Pedro at weekends.
He became friends with the children of some of our owners at Grand Colony a couple of years ago and has been hanging out with them each time they come to visit.
Whilst I was in Michigan last month they gave me a bag of goodies to give to him and finally I got together with Alex to make the drop! I may have moaned when Rachel gave me the bag to carry back to Belize but after seeing how happy he was before even knowing what was in it, it made it all worth while.

Here he is with his friend who was keen to know what was in the bag and who were the people that Alex asks me about every time he sees me, "When are the nice family coming back?"

I had to take another photo to capture that smile as Alex is never seen without one on his face!

The Hoke family, Rachel, Tommy, Jennifer and Drew adding a personnel touch to their gift and giving Alex a reminder of themselves. Inside the bag were a few Michigan State t-shirts and hats of course as that's their team, some books, sweets and some other treats.
I know Rachel would have loved to have given them to him in person and will be doing so again next year but for now feel good about making this lovely young mans day and mine to be honest. As the saying goes the children are our future, well if we are surrounded by people like young Alex the future looks bright.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Saga Halloween fundraiser 2008

Sunday was Saga's annual fundraiser held at BC's bar. The weather was totally on our side and the rain held off until about 6pm by which time we didn't give a monkeys whether we got wet or not.
As can be seen by a selection of the many photo's taken on the day it was very well supported with alot of effort being put in on both the animal and children's costumes.

Robert with his fantastic moluccan cockatoo enjoying some pampering with a toothbrush.

Robert has had this bird for years and is very knowledgeable about the breed and especially this ones likes and dislikes.

This wee dog looked the part when he got off the golf cart but things started to go amiss once prancing around the place.

This was a fantastic entry and very colourful addition to the day.

These two were a bit shy and trying to keep cool, one very pink dog with his tutu friend.

This dog was great along with his owner who I lost at the time of the picture, I checked out the eye patch and it had been put in place for the day only. I believe this is the one of the winners.

People starting to arrive, it was supposed to start at 12pm but as usual we were all on Belize time.
The sun even came out to give us a hand and encouraged a few passersby to take a seat and have a beer or two.
Dennis Wolf and the usual suspects were on hand to break up the afternoons events.

Once the games and competitions started there was really a good crowd gathered to watch and participate.
Same gang different venue, you may spot a familiar face or two from Pedro's bar and of course the man himself is right there in the middle of it all.

Clearing the tent for the fancy dress competition.

It was all thirsty work for the dogs and their owners, plenty of fluids all round and of course lots of Belikin for the adult beverage's.

Mom and son dressed up for the day.

This little trio was one of my favourites of the day.

Silvia responsible for all the great barbeque's that people ate all day long, that lady can cook!

Thanks to the absolutely fantastic BC staff a few of us had sore heads the next day but they truly did themselves proud and kept the us going all day long.

Three very tired but happy volunteers, myself, Eileen from Dandes frozen custard and Marie from Gheko Graphics having a couple of well deserved drinks.

Another fundraiser over, a chunk of money was raised and the awareness of Saga, which is always a result as it is totally a non-profit organisation.

New friends

One of the great things about living in Belize is the people that come into our lives and here is someone that we have just gotten to know and to love having around.
Jackie Oblock came to stay in San Pedro for one week, she hadn't been back for 3 years but had been here 4 times in the past few. Within the first few days she rang her very understanding boss and extended her stay to 2 weeks. By the end of the first week she had extended it again for a further week totally a 3 week stay.
As you can see from this photo taken in Pedro's of course, she is a very outgoing and happy person. She kept smiling even though her tan lines didn't match the length of her stay but the sun did come out towards the end of her trip so she was heading back to Ohio with some colour!
This is a large and loud shout out to Jackie as I know she is finding it hard to adjust to life away from the beaches of San Pedro. Like many others that come to visit she fell in love with the place all over again and is planning her return trip, take care Jackie we will see you soon!!
(Sharon and Jackie)

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Whilst the cat's away

Jackie isn't on Sharon's sofa, honest!

Come to Belize for the water!

Gudday to friends and family (there are a few Aussies around right now so we have picked up a term or two!). We have been very slack of late with the blogging as many people have pointed out to me, why is this? Um it may have something to do with all the bloody rain we have had since I got back from my trip a couple of weeks ago.
Most people come to Belize for the water in one way or another and we have certainly had alot of it but unfortunately on land non-stop. Now I know alot of us living here are from England and should be used to it but San Pedro isn't really geared up for the amount of rain we have had of late. We drive around in open sided golf carts for a start or for those being healthy on bikes or on foot. Getting wet isn't the end of the world and generally drives you into the nearest bar where you do meet some good people but when you just can't get dry it gets to be a bit of a drag. Then there is the hair well don't even go there as it is usually bad with the heat but now being wet and plastered into your head isn't the most attractive look of all time. On the up side and noted by Pedro aka nasty Peter it is like a constant wet t-shirt competition right now which seems to put a smile on the men's faces!
We have been told that it will start to improve from today so fingers crossed that this is the case as I have alot of RCI people arriving at Banyan Bay this weekend and some super owners that I need to catch up with and have a drink or two with in the sun! So if anyone out there has some power with upstairs please send a note saying that the sun is more than needed in San Pedro, Belize as it so much more a prettier place, cheers good followers and I promise we are back to much blogging from now on so stay tuned ttfn.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Back in Belize!!

Back in San Pedro and here is what I saw on my first day as I finally hit the water and went diving with Racquel Phillips. I did the first dive and was pondering on the second but figured I might miss something if I didn't get back in there and this is what I saw!

I have been told by many people that now I am totally spoilt as this isn't something you see each and every time you get into the water. It was fantastic to have these guys playing around us and made the morning go from a 6/10 to an 8/10, I know I am hard to please eh!

Much more blogging to come but for now I miss the great friends and family I saw in the states but am happy to be back here in San Pedro on the beach and in the sun. Even looking forward to going into Banyan Bay tomorrow and getting back into that work thing ttfn.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Package on the move!

It's such a shame that I can't just be posted around America as then things would be so much easier as I try and go from one state to another! The problem with that would be that I would know instantly when I had put on weight and after all this cake my postage would get more and more as these two weeks have progressed! Um just a thought for the day, anyhow here we go again. Time to leave family and friends in Long Island and head off to New Jersey to see another friend Christine whom I met in San Pedro whilst she hangs out with a mutual friend-Pedro, aka nasty Peter.
After a farewell breakfast of bagels my cousin Alicia is taking me to some bridge in the hope that Christine is in the area, should be some good blogging later ttfn.