Wednesday, October 29, 2008

What makes San Pedro so special?

I ask this question many times of my RCI owners at Banyan Bay and Grand Colony that come back to Belize each year and every time they tell me it is the people that make this such a unique and special place. Here is an example of why this is such the case.
This lovely young man is called Alex Pineda who is a 13 year old local resident seen regularly selling around the beaches at of San Pedro at weekends.
He became friends with the children of some of our owners at Grand Colony a couple of years ago and has been hanging out with them each time they come to visit.
Whilst I was in Michigan last month they gave me a bag of goodies to give to him and finally I got together with Alex to make the drop! I may have moaned when Rachel gave me the bag to carry back to Belize but after seeing how happy he was before even knowing what was in it, it made it all worth while.

Here he is with his friend who was keen to know what was in the bag and who were the people that Alex asks me about every time he sees me, "When are the nice family coming back?"

I had to take another photo to capture that smile as Alex is never seen without one on his face!

The Hoke family, Rachel, Tommy, Jennifer and Drew adding a personnel touch to their gift and giving Alex a reminder of themselves. Inside the bag were a few Michigan State t-shirts and hats of course as that's their team, some books, sweets and some other treats.
I know Rachel would have loved to have given them to him in person and will be doing so again next year but for now feel good about making this lovely young mans day and mine to be honest. As the saying goes the children are our future, well if we are surrounded by people like young Alex the future looks bright.


Rachel Hoke said...

Sharon that is absolutely spectacular! Thank you so much for carting that heavy bag back to San Pedro with you! We can't wait to come back and see everyone! Somehow though I missed the picture of Pedro's smiling face with HIS gift...(Michigan State t-shirt that he must wear in the bar when we are there since he lost the bet!) HAHA!

Jackie said...

Friends like you!