Monday, November 3, 2008

Do we do Halloween in San Pedro!

Last week I was asked by many people do we Brits do Halloween? Well to be honest us Brits don't go all out at this time of year usually, however by being surrounded by very enthusiastic people some of us made a wee bit of effort to join in the fun.
Pedro's had a Pimp and Ho theme going on so here is a taster of how the evening turned out!

Cindy aka beer fairy getting a make-over by the lovely Ruth.

That's a naughty look if ever there was one.

This one tells a story all by itself and yes red wine was the choice of poison for the evening.

A different look than our usual Friday night one.

Yes we do think we are sexy and that's all that matters.

Taco seen as we never seen her before.

Richard being a girl for a change!

Colette and Maya!
Beth being mother nature thanks to Brad who gave a helping hand to this fantastic costume.

Who was this scary little fellow?

I think Caesars lost his Cleopatra in the crowd.

Are these two sexy or what? Helda on the right in blue won a prize for this electric look!

Ah ha me shipmates!

Brad myself and Wade, Brad was too busy working on Beth's costume to worry about one for himself. Wade was very happy about that as we have seen past photos of what Brad can do!

Denise Lee came as her husband complete with that god awful cigar, and no I haven't taken up smoking mum so no worries there!

There's that sexy barmaid again and poor Pedro had to do some work tonight for a change.

A very busy Pedro's on Friday night which is nothing new apart from the odd costume!

Why would I even try to compete with those two! (You don't get many of those to the pound as we would say)! This girl is all woman and for the record they are all hers!

Jewels from Sweet Basil made it out without the wee Legend and showed what a sexy post baby bod she has again!
What a team, Jewels and Tyler couldn't look trampy even when they try to.

Now there is a pimp.

What a bunch of hotties
That is one unique looking father christmas!

What can I say!

There she is again that smiley mother nature!

These two came as a normal happy couple!

Laurie who also works at Pedro's who came with her Ho and cleaned up with first prize.

Phil, normally a very straight Brit getting into the theme of the night and looking very sexy as a blond I might add!
A very serious job, handled by serious people! Some of us did try and sway the judges but failed miserably.
As can be seen by the photos it was a great night in Pedro's as they very often are but some fantastic costumes and different takes on the theme. We can't wait till next year now that we have been show how it's done here in San Pedro.


Rachel Hoke said...

OMG!!! I just don't even know where to begin with the comments on those costumes!!!

Racquel said...

So tell me the difference in your appearance. Aside from the hair what changed. Would have loved to see JD as a girl (ho)

Rachel Hoke said...

Racquel!! HAHAHA! JD IS a HO sister - the girl part just would have been an added treat! :)

tacogirl said...

great pics