Saturday, November 22, 2008

Who's here this week? Cocktails!!!!

Another week is upon us, well very nearly over to be honest as I am so late in posting this weeks night of cocktails and nibbles! Where is my partner in crime Cinders aka IT girl?

Anyhow this lady, Carmen, is one of the most important to Rico's as she constantly keeps it clean and tidy so I grabbed her for this quick shot.
A familiar face you may think and would be correct as this fantastic member of the waiting staff has just been poached from Caramba's and is an asset to our team over at Rico's bar and grill!
Two more familiar faces and very special members here at Banyan Bay Dan and Kathleen Furlotte from Ontario in Canada. Like many others they have fallen in love with Belize and the people in it so we will now see them twice a year. They plan to come in February and again in November and yes, he is still lugging things down for the Holy Cross school and now Saga also!

Well they are here for four weeks as I mentioned last time so yes you will see these faces more than once. Cinders aka quiz master changed the questions this week so that wiped the smiles of their faces but yet again they won the Cheeky prize! The Hughes and the Coles, you gotta love em!
Check out those smiles and that is before my lethal rum punch with plenty of punch this week!
Our lovely exchange family this week, the Turners from Texas.
Nibble time and believe me that chicken dip was the best I have ever had here in Belize.
Smile Diane we need some glamour in this shot as she went back for seconds, where she puts it none of us know!

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