Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Cocktail party - Week um??? oh yes, 46!

WE are back!! The resort has happy people, the sun is out and the team as in myself, Erik, Cindy and June are all back to work and full of vigour! Here we have the first of many cocktail evenings and I have to say we started off with a bang. We have alot of familiar faces here this week which is always fun and of course many new ones.

Below we have the Snyder's here on an exchange and loving it. Newly certified divers getting a few under their belts.

The lovely Hughes and Cole's gang back after a years break from us, here for a whole month would you believe so there will be many pictures of them in the next few posts.

The Jandel's staying with us for the first time as RCI owners, bringing their in-laws with them.

Time for a nibble or two and true to form our chef Louis did us proud, the fishy things were fine.

They were all chatty Charlies this week and mixing with each other, I think a bit of collaboration going on really for the quiz! Check out the sky, it was a fantastic sunset.

These guys are here on an exchange through RCI and having the best week ever, especially since they heard about the celebrity arriving at the end of the week. It will be their claim to fame as they walked through the same room as he is to stay in!
It seems to get dark here in Belize within a few minutes of the sunset but no one was in an hurry to move and the bugs were not out to play either.

Still they sat but I guess it was my fault as I made two gallons of my lethal rum punch so we kept topping up those glasses until it was all gone.

The beautiful Webster family popped in to say hi near the end of our cocktail HOUR which is never an hour. It is great to have the whole family here this time as those girls add some glamour to the place and Erik was happy to pose with them, well he did used to be a model!
They immediately got into the quiz and for sure those girls knew their stuff as they came out with a score of 8 out of 8. Dad just kinda looked on and agreed with everything they came up with.Everyone still patiently waiting to hear the winners of the first prize and the cheeky prize and of course the bonus prize which generally gets won by the little ones!

This little one had had way too much rum punch and just crashed out where he sat, bless him.

It was a grand night and good to be back with happy guests and kick off another season, ttfn..


Kathy said...

Any hints on the celebrity????

Boydies Belize Blog said...

I can't say just yet but you will see him over the weekend and I will be blogging about it next week! It will put Belize and Banyan Bay on the map.