Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Karen from Belmopan comes to visit

Karen my friend from Belmopan who manages the Belize Jungle Dome has popped over to see us in San Pedro for a couple of days. It has been way too long, actually over a year when we last had her to stay and she has since gone and gotten married to a lovely local man named Omar Cruz. How cool is that she is now Mrs Cruz which we should use when booking a restaurant later on today and see what response we get! We had a lovely walk down south of Banyan Bay before heading out to where? Yes the bad bar with the bad Peter! It was a fantastic sunset but I couldn't capture it correctly as I haven't read the instructions on my camera yet, it has only been over a year!

Here we are in the bar of all bars in San Pedro, I have to say Pedro's has the best pizza on the island which is ok to do once a week and Tuesday is usually our night in there to hang out and catch up with some old faces! Now for those of you out there that see a glass of wine in our hands we just had two and that was only to be sociable, I am back to the no or very little drinking again.
Talking of old faces here is a very special one, back from his 3 week holiday in Mexico and definitely 10lbs heavier, JD, who was on good form and kept the stories flowing.

Here is another very special person that we are lucky enough to have in our lives Mr James Janmohamed. I fondly call him JimJam like the biscuits we used to get in the UK as they are all hard on the outside but lovely gooey jam in the middle! He pointed out that he is never on any ones blog and felt left out so here is a special shout out to him and a lovely photo with a smile that he has all the time for everyone!


Unindicteds Abroad said...

Nice to see Jim Janmohammed on a blog.

Boydies Belize Blog said...

Jim Jam wants to know who this is? I think I met you at our Saga fundraiser am I right?

Unindicteds Abroad said...

Yes you did. Tell Jim it's Tom.