Friday, November 7, 2008

Newest members at Banyan Bay

This is an overdue shout out to our lovely guests that were here last week with us. Here we have Cheryl and John that hadn't been back to see us for over 3 years! However Cheryl and I have been emailing and she follows the blog so does get her fix of us and San Pedro.

They brought with them their good friends Phyllis and Dennis who are now also owners at Banyan Bay so we look forward to welcoming them back as owners next year.

Everyone wearing far too many clothes but they were leaving today and this was the only time someone would let me take a picture when they looked all fresh with good hair!

Well you know me, not camera shy in the least and had to get in there somewhere!

Another guest checking out that came for a week of diving and was blown away, the lovely Jeri whom my dogs hassled every morning on the beach while he tried to have a quiet coffee!

Here he is one of those peaceful mornings until Jackie and Lisbon sprung into his space.

Yes the sun is out again and we have happy guests, fingers crossed that this continues, ttfn.

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