Monday, November 3, 2008

Martini Mondays!!!

What was supposed to be a quiet Monday evening going along to a make-up demo at Banana beach turned into a night of testing out El Devino's Martini's, shaken not stirred!
These were the apple and raspberry ones which is where we started then we worked out way through one or two more on the menu!

Marie from Gecko Graphics and a fellow Brit and myself thought it only correct to join in the spirit of the night and indulge in their 2 for 1 drinks.

The absolutely fabulous staff that kept us topped up all night long, thanks for the hangover gang!
This lovely lady called Bonnie made me feel as infamous as Taco girl as she knew me from the blog ever though I had never met her so here's a special hello and welcome to life in San Pedro.

The whole point of the evening was to watch a make-up demo and here is Mel and Melody after their make over and looking very sexy!

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