Monday, November 3, 2008

Special dog special people

Once again I am surrounded by die hard dog lovers at Banyan Bay and today was no exception. These guests approached me about a dog that they had fallen in love with from the beach and wanted to possibly take home back to the states. Once they had described which dog it was I knew which one they were talking about and had to tell them that it did in fact belong to somebody. The dog in question roams the beach at will and hangs with tourists, these lovely people took her to pampered paws to get spruced up and frontlined.

Steve and his wife Monica after putting Bella (they named her) on a lead and taking her to the golf cart. Happily she followed them along the beach

She jumped up without hesitation

She tried to sneak a kiss from Monica, then just nuzzled into Steve's lap .

About to go into Pampered Paws and come out a super white dog.

How clean and cute is she now, Sharon holding her was sad to let her go but but this is one clever, streetwise potlicker. She knows she's adorable and plays the crowd and will not go hungry or unloved.

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