Monday, November 10, 2008

Saga Sunday-getting down and dirty!!

The humane society in San Pedro called Saga, needed volunteers for the month of November as the usual lovely lady Ruth was away, so Colette and I were down to do the 9th. After telling a couple of friends in Pedro's on Friday night that we were doing this they offered their services also, thank goodness as there was a lot to do. I start the photos with this absolutely adorable puppy that Denise had the job of cleaning up as he and his sister were rather a mess after the previous day in their cages.

Beth was fantastic with all the cats and just worked her way through the cages like a demon, the smiles were from the banter going on between us all, plus it was still early and we were full of vigor. Denise worked her way through all the puppies giving them all a well needed bath and a lot of cuddles, this wee guy needed some medication which he took with no bother at all.

We had to get right into those cages as these photos show and give every one a good scrub and fresh paper and blankets and food. Sometimes it was a nasty job but knowing these wee things were going back into a cosy home for the day made it worth while. No comments either about this shot thank you!
The new vet, Laurie who lives at the clinic stopped by to say hi and see how we were all doing. We are thrilled to have her in San Pedro and hope that she is very happy here.

Colette was red leader for the day and took charge of us all and directed us in what and how and why to do what was to be done. Thank goodness she has been involved with shelters for many years in England and knew what was to be done as none of us had helped in this way before so we were pretty clueless.
Beth getting right in there.
This is the same puppy from the first shot getting some extra scrubbing.

Another lovable puppy just happy to have someone to hold her and love her and cuddle her.
This one was a little tinker and just wanted to play and not have Denise let her go.
These wee sisters were full of energy and jumping all over each other so Colette played with them and gave the third kitten in the cage a break.
These two puppies were like little pigs and were in that bowl for ages until every last scrap was gone.
These two were all bathed and clean then flung themselves into the food bowl and got all messed up again but we knew they were clean for a second.

Another beauty once again happy to have Denise to cuddle and play with even for a few minutes.
Once we were all done in the clinic it was over to Fort Dog to see what needed to be done with all the dogs over there, and wow what a shock when we got there! There were more dogs there that need to be adopted than there has been for a very long time so our work was cut out for us. From puppies to fully grown they were all waiting to be fed and then their cages cleaned up.

This character had an underbite that puts Lisbon's to shame, it is such a sweet dog with a very unique look.
I am not sure why we were looking so happy as to be honest it was very sad work being in there surrounded by so many gorgeous dogs that would make such great family pets. It was more a case of smile or cry so putting on a brave face we got on with it.
I never smile like that when I am picking up after my two on the beach twice a day but knowing that we are making their makeshift home a nicer place to be in once we were done made it satisfying work.
Colette and I were one side and Beth and Denise were in the segregation area where a lot of the dogs are on some sort of medication. Bless them they were getting in there and scrubbing away as I am making them pose for the camera.
Here they are again from another angle, being pestered by the cutest white puppies that Denise fell in love with and I think is going to adopt tomorrow but no-one tell her husband Steve!

This wee puppy wasn't doing too well at all so Colette was taking it back to the clinic so that the vet could have a look at him.

Beth fell in love with these guys but how wouldn't you as they are just lovable balls of fluff and poop I guess but that's the rough with the smooth. I told her that we have two dogs in our house and that's enough for now! I will check her bedroom later in case she smuggles them home!

Cinders stopped by to see why I am not at work and fell for this lot, hence her hand in the picture. She found a friend or two for her Molly!

Now it's my turn to want to take someone home with me or two rather, these wee fellows were just too much and it was hard to put them back in their cages and leave them believe me.

This was mum and son who has had two of her pups adopted and was fussing over this one while they were hanging out in the yard bless them.
Well it was a very busy morning but a great insight into what work there is to be done on a daily basis over at Saga. They are in desperate need of help both physically and financially hence we are going to be doing another huge yard sale on December 14th in the park to raise money for them. Any followers out there that come to the island and have any spare time are more than welcome to head on over to Fort Dog and take a dog for a walk. This is an absolute thrill to these guys as some of them have been there for quite some time and they love to get outside.

Home, shower then straight to the Catamaran Bar for one of Denise's home made beefburgers stuffed with blue cheese!! Just what the doctor ordered after a hard morning graft, and a beer or two! I actually had a couple of shandy's which are just right when you want to drink but not, cheers for now.


Rachel Hoke said...

Ohhhhh bless you guys! That IS hard work and I don't just mean the physical labor...hard on the emotions. I volunteered long ago at our local shelter and had to stop due to bringing home animals every week as you can well imagine knowing me. Let me know what we can do to help - fundraisers, etc.

Boydies Belize Blog said...

I hear you Rachel, what I am asking good people that come to visit is to get me some of those flashing night lights and the bags of dog treats like steaks as we are selling them and raffling them for Saga at our fundraisers. Hope you are all well catch you soon lol.