Monday, November 17, 2008

For dog lovers eyes only!!!

Sunday afternoons at Catamaran bar just up from Banyan Bay is the best place to go for barbecue for adults and dogs alike. If you are not a dog lover then this would not be the place to be as where there is food there are very hungry looking dogs! All that was left from some of us was tortillas which as can be seen the four legged ones were happy to have.

I knew it wasn't a compliment to be surrounded by all of them at once but it was so funny trying to be equal and get to all of them at the same time.

They were so patient and well behaved, I was much worse waiting for my burger believe me.

Now I know I am bias but come on that is one very cute look, who can say no to that? Not me!

One time the wanderer can be found is when there is food, she had already been into town earlier to visit D and E's ice cream parlour but hung around in the hope of chicken!

Little Mango is a new member of the gang who is fitting in just fine and holding his own with the bigger dogs!
Molly, always a sweetheart also getting tougher with the mean dogs when they get a bit rough with her, mentioning no names-Lisbon!

For all those great people that follow our blogs and ask what they can bring us we are asking that if anyone has a chance to get into their local pet stores and get some pet lights and maybe a bag of treats that would be great. We are selling these at our fundraiser next month in the park for Saga so if anyone has any space in their suitcase then we would be more than grateful, ttfn.


Rachel Hoke said...

are those the tbones i got for your lovely doggies? Remind me and we will bring loads when we come.

Boydies Belize Blog said...

Yes they are Rach, the dogs absolutely love them and we can't get them from here so they make great prizes. Thanks for checking the blog my buddy, I think of you often whem writing them!

Rachel Hoke said...

I will bring a duffle bag full of the t-bones when we come. Just be sure to remind me of all of the goodies I need to bring before we come down.

Boydies Belize Blog said...

You are soooo good and kind a big dog lover thank goodness eh!