Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Fatima Fundraiser

One of the great things about living in a small community like San Pedro is that when there is a fundraiser everyone tries to support it and this past Sunday was no exception.
The street was blocked off to let them set up music under a tent and just make it one big street party with a great cause in mind.

The lovely Maya was leaving with her lunch as I got there and very proud to be supporting Fatima.The DJ of the day

Many people had gathered and it was early yet, very unusual for Belize and people to be early.

A lovely day to be chilling out and catching up with friends over a beer or two!

Jamilla hard at work doing what she does best! Taking the money and keeping the books straight.

Jamilla had been busy since the cook off Friday night helping her good friends with today.

Look at this young beautiful girl, it pulls at your heart to know what she is going through, thank goodness she has so much love in her life.
These women are one beautiful and strong group that are supporting each other in every way.I believe over $14000.00bz was raised today for Fatima which is a great start and help towards all the treatment she needs. Our next cook off is on the 16th October and will be pizza with all the proceeds going towards Fatima so come and join us!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Septembers Belizean Food Cook Off

This is what it is all about, helpless little things that can't help themselves. I was in the candle garden getting the balloon's filled and Barbara has a new addition to her family named Max.
After the day I had had with Belize Bank which is another story I needed one of these concoction s before I could get in the mood for the cook off this month.

It doesn't have a name yet but believe me it was oh so good.

Here we go bringing out the fabulous dishes for people to sample.

These two were wearing the right colour to be in Lime so worthy of a photo!

Here we go from 1 to 10, we start off with Salbutes which were from El Fogon.
Next to it was Tequila Black Bean soup from Gwen Army.
Then there were Beef Enchiladas from Jamilla, next to that were Chicken Tamales from Ingrid at Saga.

Then there were Chicken Flautas and Stewed Chicken both from Lime Bar & Grill.
Then there was another batch of Tamales from Wade and then a fish lasagna fr4om Maureen Dalgarno.

Then another dish from Maureen aka Madame which was a pork ginger with rice.
Beth and Christine were all ready to go and start serving people. We learnt the hard way last time that you have to portion out to people otherwise it all disappears very quickly. Look at all the delicious food looks good enough to eat!

Looks like a lot of food at this angle but once 50-60 people have a go at it there is never a lot left.
As it was a Belizean theme we left all the Independence day bunting up to support this great place and the people in it.

Check out those desserts, they were just oh so fine and added the perfect finish to 10 great dishes.
People came ate and mingled.

Wade always a supporter of everything we do for Saga and at Lime-bless.

Saga gang were hanging out on the comfiest sofa of all time, waiting to see if Ingrid won.
There were the regulars and some lovely tourists that came to support the wee furry ones.
Three tired blonde's-no jokes needed thank you very much. All very prominent Foths members and still smiling after a long day on regular jobs and then our part time one for nothing but thanks! Anyhow feel sorry for us yet? I hope not as we love it and are doing it to help the animals of San Pedro.
These ladies are so much fun to have and be around, even wonder the animals love them.
Grant and Gwen deep in conversation about wood, animals and building the isolation unit at Fort Dog.

Phil the other (note I didn't say the better) half of Marie and Phil from Ghecko Graphics casting his vote for his fav dish.

Those Scott's stick together eh? Maureen and Jock, the lovely Ari in the back round who is a great Saga board member and cute too!

More glamour, Sari, Beth, Rachel and Collen, like I said some old and new faces.
This one set the president that they are to be smoke free while there is food being served which is always the case in Lime. So where were a lot of people? Outside in the only smoking room available to them!

Mary and Tamara from The San Pedro Sun came to offer their support and take photos for next weeks paper as they always support Saga and Lime. It makes a change for them to be in a picture and not the ones taking it. They are both foodies along with most of us and have promised to be in the next one!
Time to count those votes and announce the winners of this months cook off.

The number 1 dish was the overall winner which were the Salbutes from El Fogon, she won an Ipod Shuffle- a green one of course!
Maureen came second for her fish lasagna and won some wine, jewelry and dog lights.
Ingrid from Saga was third with her fantastic homemade Tamales, bless her I think she made 100 of them after a day at the clinic-she is super women and to be honest is Saga.
A better one of this absolute cutie pie, we don't often see her with her hair down and not covered in animal stuff!

A good crowd came out this Friday evening even though it threatened rain all day.Cassidy and our new addition to Lime Victor did a great job of keeping the drinks topped up. I know the sign says ask the girls in Lime but that still stands as what do the men know anyhow-he he!

The cook off winner gets to pull out the winning raffle ticket for some chocs so who is it?
Colleen from Rendevouz won this time and nearly strangled me in the process!

This great group of women insisted on helping with the clearing up as well and bringing some of the dishes. They can and will come to each and every one of these monthly events from now on and that's an order!

After the busy night we had had I figured I deserved another one of these naughty but nice little numbers.

One of my favourite guys on this Island Grant, another Foths/Saga member always ready to give a hand.

There's that cheeky Scotty again Jock with his buddy actually named Scott.

These pair were still smiling and they were totally knackered but did a Stella job and will be back together as the dream team for the next one.

We raised over $500bz for Foths/Saga which was ok as it was a quieter time of year and had been Independence day so a busy week for drinking and partying. The next cook off will be Friday 16th October and is likely to be a pizza one as that has been requested many times and there are a few out there that can go against each other and prove who really has the best pizza in San Pedro. Once again thanks for following this blog and making it worthwhile for all the time spent keeping it up to date.