Sunday, September 20, 2009

What's hot what's not-ummmm!

We have now made it impossible not to get on the right golf buggie after a tipsy Friday evening in Lime as ours now has a bloody great sign on the back of it!
Many comments came yesterday to all that drove around in it (sorry Christine), the most original was " what's hot then?" of course the answers are endless and we will spend many minutes each day coming up with some one liners to shut them up-however as with everything here in San Pedro it is all in good taste and fun.
Now getting pretty caught up with stuff at Lime and the Humane Society, huge launch of the calendar on the 4th October. Much blogging will follow very soon especially as the wee ones seem to get up around 4.30am right now and want to go outside! Hope the weekend is going well, we are having a holiday Monday just for a change therefore a Barbe bash at Boydie's, you gotta love this place for following the British, American and Belizien holidays TTFN!

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