Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Update from San Pedro

Good morning followers, I have had a couple of emails asking where the photos are of our fabulous trip. Since being back at work I have been swamped as a couple of the girls are now off so they are out there and will be coming soon enough.
All great in San Pedro, the weather (touch wood) has been on our side with very little rain for September. Nothing too threatening out there so fingers crossed that that continues.
Lime has had some great nights which will also be posted very soon and the dogs are as cheeky and naughty as ever. What is it they say about dogs and their owners well Lisbon had my bad traits and Jackie my good ones, great stories to follow on that too. For now know that you are all thought about and please continue to log on, like a good red wine it will be worth waiting for TTFN.

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george said...

Hi Sharon;
I look at your blog very frequently.Can't wait to return and go fishing.Mike and Carolyn will join us this year. Take care.
George Blair