Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween in LIme!

What is one to do? Now known for celebrating Halloween us Brits but when this side of the world you have to join in all the events so here goes another eventful night in Lime! The theme was come dressed in black or green for Halloween-so here you have it!

Victor showed what a whiz he is around balloons at THE calendar launch so we spent the morning blowing them up for him and he did the rest.

What a cheeky little monkey he is!

We didn't get him anything to wear so he donned one of the witches hats.

Beth is a very glamorous WISP!
Well Christine our resident hairdresser brought us back some coloured hair spray and he needed to look the part and it washes out I'm sure!

Tracey with a new hair do also.
Ok me too!
Out in mass now!
Who's that in a silly wig?
Everyone wants to look silly.

Now for Beth's headgear to be passed around.

This cheeky Charlie is game for everything.

OMG what's going on in the other room?

Who is this fine figure of a man? What is occurring?

It's green that's for sure! What is he thinking with that look on his face, Cassidy don't even ponder on it my sweet!

Suddenly he sees that there is a camera around!

Time for the hairspray!
NO STOP IT he's shouting!

Check it out our own little Shrek!

The girls flock to him!

Check out those ears, Cassidy is an absolute star with this get up.

He's very proud true?
Trying to get a close up of those ears!

He decided that his trousers didn't go so what does one do? Take them off of course!

Ummm I wonder what is on his mind now?

A slightly more serious JD than we all know and love.

Time for some more glamour.

Sorry back to Shrek who decided his other white bits needed to be green.

He came at me like something out of Michael Jackson's Thriller and got into the part way too quickly! The wonders of make up, check out Cassidy cracking up in the background.

The place was filling up with people really getting into the party mood.

Jimjam is in the house.

Another great sport.
It was another fantastic night with many giggles throughout, as usual JD was one of a kind and never ceases to amaze us all-HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone and stay tuned much more blogging to come.

Friday, October 23, 2009

Who's coming to San Pedro

Hello faithful followers, I know I have been slack on this blog of late and it looks like we are partying constantly however that isn't quite the case! Well maybe a bit, anyhow I need to know if anyone is coming to San Pedro in the near future as I have a couple of bits I need to order on lime and get to me asap. Cheers in advance and bare with me more blogging to come very soon TTFN.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Pizza cook off

Here we go the long awaited for pizza cook off, our line all day was taste the rest and vote for the best so here we go bring it on people!

These pair came in to book some tours, had some of our original slime punch and spent the afternoon with the gang in Lime.

First to arrive was the lovely Steve from Pirates pizza with two large pizzas covered in his favourite topping.
Then Holy Moly Walter, of Pedro's pizza was also on time for this event and brought their popular meat lovers and curry chicken.

Then Pepperonis came with their Sicilian meat and vegetarian entries.

Playa longe were next with their entry of barbeque chicken, with those smiles they knew it was going to be good. The lovely Lisa on the right is new to San Pedro along with her hubby and daughter and lots of animals and we are thrilled to have them here.

Barbara brought her pizza from Mermaids, she is also responsible for the balloons and flowers as she owns the Candle Garden in town also.

A good crowd turned out to support the event and fill their tummies with some scrummy pizza for just $10bz.
The bar was heaving with some great residents, along with some absolute muppets mentioning no names-he he! This was Victor's busiest night since joining the gang and he loved it, or so he said.
Christine, one of my BFF and the islands new hairdresser was on hand to help the evening run smoothly as always bless her. She goes back to New Jersey for a rest as there is always something going on around here that she gets roped into!

Here we have some lovely people that have been visiting all week that came to hang out one last time before leaving all too soon.

Check it out, they all came at us fast and furious hence the lack of photos of the food this time as Natasha was away for the weekend. Luckily these photos capture the winning pizzas!

Wade is always right there to get s good taste of them all along with some other foodies. Katy at the front came along even though this one wasn't for the Humane Society she came to give her support as always.

Check out the Arceo ladies who put in a couple of entries and not only add glamour to the evening but a lot of fun too.

Jimjam always in there with the ladies, bless him his wife is away right now so he needs some female comfort and has known these ladies for years.

The gang from Ambergris Today are out in force.

Check out those happy faces, people having a good time and supporting a great cause.

The San Pedro Sun were on the other side of the camera for once and looking very lovely too.

Can't remember which muppet had my camera but you get the idea and it would have been a nice shot otherwise.

Colette on a mission about something she is passionate about, gotta love that girls spark!

Ok maybe I do like the French a wee bit.
Doug from the Funtesea boats which I went on this week and will blog about very soon and his very happy crew.
People patiently waiting to hear who the winners of this cook off are this time.

The beer fairy of the evening aka Tracey serving $3 dollar beers to people that participated in the cook off, how good is that?

Two very glam and naughty women and then there is Maya the little tinker! They form a new group called WISPS which i believe is San Pedro's version of the WI.

Time to count those votes, always time to smile at the camera!

Beth has a new fan club as her pizza was a total hit with these boys.

People eagerly awaiting the results, the papers are there with the camera to snap away.

Trying to get people to be quiet, even with my big mouth was a task and a half.

The first prize for the pizza cook off and winner of these lovely flowers was Patty Arceo who is the mum of the little girl we were raising money for.

Second prize went to Pepperonis pizza who won a bottle of bubbly, then third went to Jim the fisherman from up north of the island who won some chocolates.

This poor beer fairy is all done and the taps are being turned off for the night, cheers from Trace!
The real party now begins after all the food is done and these lovely ladies got the ball rolling in the smoking room-outside!

The group of lovely ladies just kept getting bigger and madder as the night went on.

Barry Bowen stopped by to check that his beer was still flowing well into the night!

Too shy shy-not!
Time for bed!
The lady above never checked to see why her bag was so heavy, then was shocked when I asked to see inside of it! Those Arceo ladies are a lot of fun and very naughty-he he.

This lady keeps a lot of people fed in San Pedro, especially Jimjam while his wife is away, he will not starve!
David Baker stopped by to say hi and support the cause as he always does.

They came they ate and they stayed!

This picture captures the night as it was filled with fun people hanging out having a fun time. Here you have 3 different nationalities joining together with a very happy outcome.

We raised just under $1000.00bz so Lime made it up to that amount and handed it over to the Arceo ladies knowing that it will go towards the lovely Fatima's healthcare.
Thanks to everyone that cooked, came and supported the evening once again helping San Pedro in need.