Friday, October 23, 2009

Who's coming to San Pedro

Hello faithful followers, I know I have been slack on this blog of late and it looks like we are partying constantly however that isn't quite the case! Well maybe a bit, anyhow I need to know if anyone is coming to San Pedro in the near future as I have a couple of bits I need to order on lime and get to me asap. Cheers in advance and bare with me more blogging to come very soon TTFN.


Kathy said...

We will be there Feb 6-20th. Let us know what we can bring.
Dan and Kathy

Wisecracker said...

Hi Sharon,

We will be in San Pedro Town on 12/29. What do you need love?

Best regards,
Eric & Ann

renee said...

well be there march 6th..what do you need now Lime princess..jk xo