Saturday, October 31, 2009

Halloween in LIme!

What is one to do? Now known for celebrating Halloween us Brits but when this side of the world you have to join in all the events so here goes another eventful night in Lime! The theme was come dressed in black or green for Halloween-so here you have it!

Victor showed what a whiz he is around balloons at THE calendar launch so we spent the morning blowing them up for him and he did the rest.

What a cheeky little monkey he is!

We didn't get him anything to wear so he donned one of the witches hats.

Beth is a very glamorous WISP!
Well Christine our resident hairdresser brought us back some coloured hair spray and he needed to look the part and it washes out I'm sure!

Tracey with a new hair do also.
Ok me too!
Out in mass now!
Who's that in a silly wig?
Everyone wants to look silly.

Now for Beth's headgear to be passed around.

This cheeky Charlie is game for everything.

OMG what's going on in the other room?

Who is this fine figure of a man? What is occurring?

It's green that's for sure! What is he thinking with that look on his face, Cassidy don't even ponder on it my sweet!

Suddenly he sees that there is a camera around!

Time for the hairspray!
NO STOP IT he's shouting!

Check it out our own little Shrek!

The girls flock to him!

Check out those ears, Cassidy is an absolute star with this get up.

He's very proud true?
Trying to get a close up of those ears!

He decided that his trousers didn't go so what does one do? Take them off of course!

Ummm I wonder what is on his mind now?

A slightly more serious JD than we all know and love.

Time for some more glamour.

Sorry back to Shrek who decided his other white bits needed to be green.

He came at me like something out of Michael Jackson's Thriller and got into the part way too quickly! The wonders of make up, check out Cassidy cracking up in the background.

The place was filling up with people really getting into the party mood.

Jimjam is in the house.

Another great sport.
It was another fantastic night with many giggles throughout, as usual JD was one of a kind and never ceases to amaze us all-HAPPY HALLOWEEN everyone and stay tuned much more blogging to come.

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Kathy said...

Looks like we missed a great party!
Oh well, we'll catch the Valentines Day bash!