Thursday, September 23, 2010

Carts Belize

I have been meaning to do this post for a couple of weeks now as I need to praise up Carts Belize here in San Pedro. Not only are they great golf buggies to be whizzing around in cause they are clean, maintained and rather nippy but as a company they are huge supporters of our Saga Humane Society.
As those that know me know I have two four legged friends that come out and about around the island with me. Any time they think an outing is on the cards they are ready to leap onto whatever vehicle may be parked outside hoping to be heading to the beach. For a couple of weeks our good friend and dedicated Saga supported Gale Simpson came to visit us and hired a Carts Belize to help with rounding dogs up.

Check out Jackie and Lisbon ready and waiting for me to take them out. Are they just the happiest dogs in San Pedro or what! To be honest who wouldn't be, the sun is shining as it is most of the time and the sea is calling.

I think Jackie is thinking what the heck are you doing taking photos when we want to be off and chasing iguanas on the beach!

This is the lovely Gale again who comes back and forth from the States and helps tirelessly at Saga Humane Society. This particular morning we had gotten a call from a Saga board member who spotted a stray that we had been looking out for. As you can see once we got him on the buggie and gave him some TCL he was a happy doggie. Check out the back of the picture as we nearly got a second one to come along with us to be put in the shelter where they are checked over and fed and safe.

For those of you that follow this blog and hire a golf buggie when you come to the island let me know as Cart Belize will give a 10% discount if you quote this blog. Just email me at and I will book it for you and have them meet you at the airport ready for your stay. Like I said they are great carts and great people for all that they do for us at Saga Humane Society, cheers for now.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Change of colour!

I cannot believe it has been so long since my last blog! Sounds like what you would say to a priest I would guess, never having gone to confession I wouldn't really know but I assume it's along those lines. Maybe that's where my parents went wrong all those years ago letting my sister and I choose our religion? Umm food for thought and maybe another blog, lets get back to this one.
There have been a lot of changes in my life here in San Pedro of late and the biggest one is that I am no longer working at Lime. Therefore there will not be as many green pictures as there used to be and I think we will be back to my previous favourite colour, which is blue.
While walking the wee furry ones this morning I knew I wanted lots of blue in my pictures so I grabbed the camera, my very faithful friends and headed off to the beautiful beaches we have here in Belize. I started here with these condos as friends of mine own here and they follow this blog so here you go guys, we are all still standing! ( You can't help but start singing the Elton John song at this point I know!)

To be honest it wasn't the brightest day to photograph but it was dry and the dogs are happy to be out in whatever the weather. This is just past Victoria house and Lisbon loves this area as there is so much to see, smell and pounce on. It is very rare that she doesn't end up giving the odd iguana a free ride up the beach-in her mouth I am afraid to say. She doesn't hurt them but I fear so may have a heart attack wondering if she will.

Never far from each other, this fearsome twosome are keen to explore everywhere.

The sea was pretty calm today so at least the trips will get to head out without too many problems.
Think I spoke too soon as it started to cloud over and looked like maybe taking the waterproof was a good move after all. I bought a couple of new ones whilst back in the UK in February as for those that have been there know, it is a wise move to have wet weather gear always to hand.

So what am I going to do now that I am no longer working at Lime I am being asked, well watch this space and you will find out.
Of late I have been clearing out my house which when you have a spare room full of the Humane Society fundraising gear in it can take quite some time. I have been clearing out cupboards of clothes and shoes and have been ruthless as we all know how we can accumulate way too much stuff. I have had some quality time with some friends here in San Pedro and the mainland, and of course some fantastic walks with Jackie and Lisbon.
I am off to the UK in September for my parents 50th wedding anniversary, which looks to be a two week affair. I have a lot of family and friends to catch up with and of course Kevin that those astute followers have gathered from this I have been with for the past six months.
I have so much material for blogging that you would think I would have them backed up so a big sorry for being so slack but guess what? I am back, Boydie Belize is raring to go so please stay tuned and tell me what you want to see from our little piece of paradise, cheers and TTFN.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Beth's birthday bash!

It was just looking like a quiet Wednesday afternoon so I rang Beth and asked her to join me for lunch at Lime.
She came we took pictures which is nothing knew as I always have my camera to hand.

We ate a stunning sweet n sour chicken thanks to our cook Karen who made up a new recipe today.
Then there was cake!

Karen our super star cook had made the cake in the morning and just put the finishing touches on for us to have it as dessert.

We had a bottle chilling waiting for just the right occasion and this fitted the bill perfectly. JD did the honors after sending the cork into 2011!

That evening we found ourselves in one of Beth's favorite restaurants Pinocchio's, which has the best four cheese pizza you have ever tasted. Happy birthday Beth Hart one of my BFF in Belize, supporter of everyone and everything and all round good egg as us Brits would say. Here's to many others together and in our lovely San Pedro.

Once again thanks to my many followers and apologies for the complete lack of recent events being blogged. I haven't caught up from the craziness of June and have so many posts that I will get out to you asap. Cheers for keeping up with myself, the dogs, Lime and the many good people we have here in Belize, TTFN.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Long time no see?

For those of you that have been following this blog for a while now you will recognize this as myself and Karen from The Belize Jungle Dome. Karen and I became very good friends over five years ago now and pop back and forward to hang out with each other when time permits or when we are about to lose our minds!
I went to visit her last week as she is about to head home and have her baby very soon. Yes Karen is now married to Omar Cruz and about to have a little girl with him. Lots of changes in both of our lives this past 18 months however we will always stay in touch and you know I will blog any pictures she lets me.
I am sorry to have been so slack on this once again but I have had a lot of visitors over the past month and haven't sat still long enough to blog about it. All is well with everything in San Pedro and the crazy gang that live here. Fingers crossed that they are wrong about it being a bumper hurricane season this year, cheers and TTFN.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Cook off -June 2010

Here we go again a month on from the last night of great food and the best of the best in San Pedro are at it again! This months theme is Mediterranean and wow did we have some seriously tasty dishes to try.

Check this display out, very colorful and just loaded with delicious things to get stuck into.

Myself, John Hassmann, from Louiville Kentucky and the lovely Crystal from Banana Beach. Mr Hassmann has been a faithful follower of this blog for a number of years as he is an owner at Grand Colony where I used to work. He is also a very generous donator to our Humane Society Saga and was thrilled to be here when there was an event. A shout out goes to you John finally you are in it for real. It was great to see you again now hurry back!

The lovely ladies that are always on hand to help serve up these divine dishes.

Heidi is a good friend of mine and also on the board of Saga, therefore wherever you see Heidi there will be a dog or two.
Happy people having just eaten for only $10.00bz and enjoying many different types of food.

For just $10.00bz which all goes to charity we have many happy local residents and tourists that come to support us.
Time to count the votes and see who takes the title for this month, Kathy means business as the glasses are on the face not the head!

The winner this time is Maureen Dalgarno with this amazing presentation of food.

We raised $300.00bz which went to Saga Humane Society as Maureen is a huge supporter of them. It was not as busy as it usually is as there were many other events going on this particular Friday evening. However as always the food was great so a huge thanks to the people that put in dishes, Fido's, Nautica, Fusion, El Divino, Lime and Portofino. Without the community spirit these events wouldn't be nearly as good. We are so lucky to have a great team of people and businesses here in San Pedro that all support each other. The next cook off is TBA, any ideas for theme would be gratefully received cheers for now from sunny Belize.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Tuesday nights in San Pedro

Tuesday night is English style fisn n chips in Lime. We have the local catch of the day served with home made chips, Tatar sauce and of course malt vinegar. The best start to the night which is bound to include one or two beers or toher liquid refreshments.

Looks good enough to eat you think?

Kevin came all the way from the UK not anticiapting eating fish n chips in Belize but gave them a big thumbs up.
I try not to have them every week but gave in this week just to be sociable and very happy to do so.
Forrest stopped by to have them also this week and JD swears by them in his weight loss victory, along with the odd Jager!

What is Kevin doing to JD's back? The story behind this is second to none and one that is repeated many times in the company of friends, so stop by and ask next time in San Pedro.

Kathy and I were having a good chuckle from our side of the bar.

After Lime it is up to Legends to be part of their fantastic jam night which is every week with different artists. If you have musical talent you are encouraged to join in and make it a unique night.

Gino rocks

Dancing in Belize

Tuesdays are just one of the many fun nights to be had in San Pedro through out the week. The music is great as is atmosphere, good food good drinks and great people to hang with. The hardest part is keeping up with it all as tomorrow is Wednesday and then you have the chicken drop! It is hard to keep up with this life but we do try, cheers for now.