Thursday, September 23, 2010

Carts Belize

I have been meaning to do this post for a couple of weeks now as I need to praise up Carts Belize here in San Pedro. Not only are they great golf buggies to be whizzing around in cause they are clean, maintained and rather nippy but as a company they are huge supporters of our Saga Humane Society.
As those that know me know I have two four legged friends that come out and about around the island with me. Any time they think an outing is on the cards they are ready to leap onto whatever vehicle may be parked outside hoping to be heading to the beach. For a couple of weeks our good friend and dedicated Saga supported Gale Simpson came to visit us and hired a Carts Belize to help with rounding dogs up.

Check out Jackie and Lisbon ready and waiting for me to take them out. Are they just the happiest dogs in San Pedro or what! To be honest who wouldn't be, the sun is shining as it is most of the time and the sea is calling.

I think Jackie is thinking what the heck are you doing taking photos when we want to be off and chasing iguanas on the beach!

This is the lovely Gale again who comes back and forth from the States and helps tirelessly at Saga Humane Society. This particular morning we had gotten a call from a Saga board member who spotted a stray that we had been looking out for. As you can see once we got him on the buggie and gave him some TCL he was a happy doggie. Check out the back of the picture as we nearly got a second one to come along with us to be put in the shelter where they are checked over and fed and safe.

For those of you that follow this blog and hire a golf buggie when you come to the island let me know as Cart Belize will give a 10% discount if you quote this blog. Just email me at and I will book it for you and have them meet you at the airport ready for your stay. Like I said they are great carts and great people for all that they do for us at Saga Humane Society, cheers for now.


wfennelly said...

My name is Bill Fennelly. My wife Ellen and I are coming to San Pedro (our second time) start of April (2011). We last stayed at Wolfgangs place, but this time Ellen want to be able to WALK directly into the water from the beak (his was bulkheaded with steps) and thought you might have some suggestions; and also like to know if you returned to Belize after visiting your parents in the UK as I do not see any more blog since.
Bill & Ellen

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