Saturday, November 22, 2008

Friday night is Pedro night!!

I know Tuesday is Pedro Pizza night however you can generally count on finding a few of the gang in there on a Friday night to round the week off and kick start the weekend! A few faces are missing this week as there was a very spontaneous Thursday night in there of which I will blog later on once the photos have all been censored!
Here we have the Vanderveldes from Colorado who we see for 6 weeks each and every year. They were planning their trip for February whilst sat in the bar and all the parties they plan to throw in Grand Colony-oh lordy help us!

A very familiar and regular face in Pedro's the one and only JD who loves the Vande's as much as I do and tries to get Mr Vande hammered every time he sees them!

This photo is a long time in coming, sorry Rachel finally I remembered and gave him his present from Michigan, as you can see he loved it!

So much so that he gave it a two out of ten if I can read this picture correctly.

Even the dogs love to go to Pedro's and this is a real cutie, the new vets dog Jambo I think his name is. However after watching him do the rounds and eating a lot of leftover pizza she may re-think him coming along with her.

This is Rebecca from Seaduced Adventures and Amanda from Sunrise Reality whom are very good friends of mine and not seen out all the time so a quick shot was needed, sorry Rebecca!

The Captain, Jeff is here to fish and hang out and I have never seen him with a beer before so here you go Barry Bowen some product placement for you!

The lovely Furlotte's and Beth checking out that pizza we talk so much about and the beer of course, we love drinkers!

Well being camera shy I am surprised I got into this one! I had just had my hair done by Christine my very good friend from New Jersey so it was all neat and just right so I wanted to show it off.
This pair again but how can you not love him, our one and only JD a lovable Rogue from the capital city of the world-Edinburgh!!


Rachel Hoke said...

SO GLAD you gave the shirt 2 "thumbs up" Pedro...or should I say 2 unmentionable fingers up as the case may be!!!

Boydies Belize Blog said...

Ummm well enough said on that one I am sure I am in blogger trouble for that picture.

Kathy said...

Seems like a distant memory already...snow and rain here.
Yikes! I need a Belikin...