Thursday, November 13, 2008

Days hanging out in paradise!

Karen and I took a ride up north of the island to see what was new and pop in and say hi to JD. Of course there was a bar involved and it would be rude not to have a wee one with him, a diet coke of course!
The man himself always keen to stop and have a blether over a beer or two.
After a hard afternoons drive it was time for Karen to check out a new masseuse to the island Mr Zac, a fellow Canadian who will come to any destination and I think we will be using him at Banyan Bay.
A night out with friends over a glass of wine or two is always the perfect end to a great day so we hooked up with the lovely Marilyn from north of the bridge.

Myself and the lovely Ruth who has moved to San Pedro with the whole family from England.

What a smiley pair we have here.

Forrest back after his visit to the states, happy to be back and to have a belikin or two.

Not part of the diet at all but you have to try these new places and know what's hot or not.

After dinner we popped down to Fido's to see what was happening there and of course have another drink.
Looks more like a hen party than a night out to welcome Forrest back and hang out with Karen.

After this photo was taken I managed to throw a whole glass of red wine over all of us so that was the end to the night out, a waste of wine but saved the hangover the next day as 3 was enough and 4 would have pushed me over the edge. Ta ta Karen and don't leave it so long before the next visit.


Rachel Hoke said...

Sweetheart you look like you are all wearing wine in that photo! I remember Fido's very well as that's where we first met although you don't remember as you were arguing the bill with the bartender and I believe were having a "great" time! A few drinks to be sure... :) Can't wait til May!!!

Karen said...

Yes I think this was AFTER the wine throwing but BEFORE the water throwing!