Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Nautica - San Pedro's latest restaurant

San Pedro has a new restaurant in town called Nautica which is going to specialise in a variety of seafood dishes. As the owner said to me the other day people don't come to Belize for a steak which is very true and the dishes couldn't be any fresher than this.
We went for the opening night and got to taste many of the dishes on the menu and believe me they are superb.

The staff are as friendly and accommodating as they are all over San Pedro and you will see a couple of familiar faces that may have served you somewhere else in the past.

The well laid out bar area is a nice spot to hang before or after dinner or just to pop in and have a cocktail overlooking the Caribbean sea.

We tried a variety of dishes from curried shrimp to some fantastic salmon in an amazing sauce that I can't say correctly or spell!
The outside dining area is an absolute winner and a great place to sit and contemplate your day and plan the next one. There are going to be stairs leading up to this seating area so that people coming off the Island Ferry can find it with ease.

The shy kitchen staff who kept the plates coming out all night long, usually with huge smiles on their faces but this was a stressful night for them to make sure it went perfectly.

We were all tired from the night before as can be seen on these faces but knowing about the to die for desserts that were served up we couldn't miss this event. As can be seen above they have the signature island dish of Key lime pie however their chocolate brownie melts in your mouth.

An equally tired Cindy aka IT girl had to be there as she is the one that can make or break a restaurant with her food guide given to all our Banyan Bay and Grand Colony guests! From that smile it can be taken that it is now to be added to our list of favourite restaurants on the island.

This is the lovely Nancy the owner of Nautica who has been in the restaurant trade in the past and swore never to again. However after coming to the island for many years and longing for good seafood dishes she decided against this and put her heart into making this place the option for just that!

The exact location for this fabulous new eatery is above Fido's bar in town on front street or just off the beach at the Island ferry. After walking into the bar from the street and turning left once inside you climb a few steps and there it is next to Mermaid Sharon's Sushi. No I do not have a second job this is Canadian Sharon as there are two of us in San Pedro and she has the best Sushi in town!

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Kathy said...

Look forward to trying Nautica when we are in San Pedro!