Sunday, November 23, 2008

Day off in paradise-what to do?

We heard that there were a couple of new places on the island up north of the bridge that were worth checking out so Christine and I headed up there to see. Our first stop was actually Sweet Basil to see out friend Jules with the wee Legend who is growing by the day.
Then onto Aji which is in a lovely location about 2.5miles north, so far enough that you need the golf buggie but just at the time when you are fed up with the bumpy road.

As can be seen by this temporary sign they are only open Weds- Sun

The menu looks great and they are serving breakfast through to dinner including a Paella Mixta which I have been told was fab and worth the trip north to try.

This was like heading into the bat cave and so cool with the sink outside as can be seen below.

Charlie found an iguana that kept teasing her
We didn't even stop for a drink, just a recky to suss it out for another day and from what I have seen it would be worth the trip to go and try it out, now onto the next location.

I had been told about the new smoke house a while back and heard how good their food was so we stopped by to pick up their menu and have a look around.
It is right next door to Aji so also with a lovely view over the water and boasts many resident crocodiles!
After seeing this on their specials board I am coming back here for sure, drunken rum cake, did I hear cake!
Toilets were as bright as their menus and very nice so definitely going to head up there another day.

Heading back down south so a few shots of our journey to tease all the people that wished they were here right now, sorry!

Not sure about this shot but trying to be arty, it is a tree by the way!

Very quiet for a Saturday, where is the rush hour traffic?

View from Caliente's new decking where we stopped to see the Vande's for a well deserved cocktail!
Here she is Lori herself
Our very special friend Alex stopped by to say hi and show off his serious haircut and ask me about the family from Michigan, he says hi Rachel.
I am still dog sitting for the wee brown one Wasu so here I am being very popular with the special treats I had in my bag.

Today is actually my good friend Ruth's birthday so of course being the cake queen I was in charge of getting her one. Obviously I had little time to make one so this came from the new restaurant in town called Hummingbird and was pretty good.

It was a windy night so tried to keep the candles alight in the box.
Go on girl we know you have more puff than that!
Like I said a very good friend of mine who also likes cake! Check out her glam hair also done this week by Christine our friend from New Jersey. This is Ruth's first birthday away from friends and family in the UK but she had a great day here in San Pedro with her hubby and 3 children and a fantastic evening with her new friends and a fabbo cake. Check out that sparkly new jewelry set which was her gift from her lot.

A great end to a lovely day off- who's birthday is it next!

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