Monday, October 27, 2008

New friends

One of the great things about living in Belize is the people that come into our lives and here is someone that we have just gotten to know and to love having around.
Jackie Oblock came to stay in San Pedro for one week, she hadn't been back for 3 years but had been here 4 times in the past few. Within the first few days she rang her very understanding boss and extended her stay to 2 weeks. By the end of the first week she had extended it again for a further week totally a 3 week stay.
As you can see from this photo taken in Pedro's of course, she is a very outgoing and happy person. She kept smiling even though her tan lines didn't match the length of her stay but the sun did come out towards the end of her trip so she was heading back to Ohio with some colour!
This is a large and loud shout out to Jackie as I know she is finding it hard to adjust to life away from the beaches of San Pedro. Like many others that come to visit she fell in love with the place all over again and is planning her return trip, take care Jackie we will see you soon!!
(Sharon and Jackie)

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Jackie said...

Hello There!

After meeting and spending time you, Jackie and Lisbon, this trip was by far the best, so, from now on I know they will only get better. Reconnected with those that I love and missed and the new friendships I made. There will be no more 3 year intervals, you will think I moved down there with my future visits, that are in the plan.
Its hard to adjust, to being back here, some my call it reality, but having all of you in my life is reality.

Thanks for everything and a big hug to you!