Saturday, May 2, 2009

TGIF-special delivery

This super attractive guy could be Tom Cruise and we couldn't love him anymore than we do right at this moment! Why you may ask well in that wee box he is holding he has a very special delivery for Limey's Bar and Grill. It is official we have proper English sausages, HP sauce, Heinz tomato sauce and Colman's mustard! What are you all waiting for, get on over to Lime to have a full on English breakfast but don't tell too many people, JD thinks they are all for him.

A very happy British ex-soldier himself with a bigger smile than usual since seeing what this guy just delivered.
This bag is like gold dust and contains the best merchandise on the island, apart from Yeager of course!
Is he hot or what?

Here we go for a second week in a row, Sharon's stunning wings in an amazing sauce, so I'm told as being English how would I know.

Cassidy is so colourful and creative just like her outfits bless her!

Umm a few shots and these lot all gained some extra head wear, what a horny wee devil we have here along with a bunny a pirate and a parrott!

JD fell for it, I put a bar of dark chocolate in front of him that he couldn't resist, no winning the challenge this week for him!

After Lime we headed into town and went to Fido's so see who was about and what was happening.
Another good one of Beth

So our quiet drink after work took us from Fido's to Road Kill where Robbie made us stop to have a shot or two. This was the flaming Sambukka which was nasty I think but others will argue.
You don't get the full affect with the flash but they were flaming for sure.

Then there was birthday cake which really made my day as we all know I love cake! TTFN.

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