Saturday, May 16, 2009

The winner is?

Why am I laughing so much you may ask? Possibly because as we all know I am not the best cook in the world and I find it very funny that I am making a dish of chili as my entry into the cook off tonight. We need 10 entries and at this point I am not sure how many we have so mine may be needed to make up numbers.

These fabulous four are very good friends of mine from the past and kept popping into Lime to see me and book some great tours. They fished yesterday and caught not only a lot of fish but the sun too.
This lovely couple brought in a fantastic dish for the contest and are super big dog lovers also like the rest of us.
Sharon B and Sharon C as we are getting known as, after a long Friday we are still smiling and ready to party!
The lovely Natasha who is a new addition to our team.

This young man was the first to buy a ticket and taste the chili's and of course got a thumbs up from us for wearing our colour! Not only was he cute but funny too, mum don't get excited he just saw his girlfriend off to the states a day ahead of him.

Check out the tablecloth still looking white!

Jo who was the whole reason for this event was outside recruiting people to come in and support the Saga Humane Society straight off the road with the loud speaker bless him.

Sharon C in a dress no less.

Cassidy was serving up the slime punch like a storm

A good crowd turned out to be our judges

Some familiar faces amongst the group

Jock who was gutted that he didn't know about this until it was too late as he boasts to make the best chili ever!

I still think Jo's was one of the best in there as it was a sneaky little number a bit like him really.

Prize time for the winners

Sharon C was the hands down overall winner with many of the votes

Goodness knows how but I came in second

These lovely ladies came in third so the women as always were all round winners!

Then there was the free raffle

Zac won these decadent Cadbury's chocolates

My friend Rachel Hoke from Michigan made a rum cake which I would say can compete with many bought ones.
Here she is happy to know that she is not only a great cook but can bake cakes along with the best of them. Cheers my friend see you again next year.

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