Friday, May 22, 2009

Lime Castle burgers!!!!!

Is Cassidy just adorable in this hat or what? For someone who doesn't like to smile in photos she took a great picture and was raring to go this Friday evening.

Another smiley lady and someone we don't see very often in Lime, Laurie came by to have one of our Lime Castle burgers that we launched tonight.

Cassidy was feeling creative and someone has to try them so it might as well be me eh!

Ella is back out and about after here serious operation to her tendon which looks to have gone very well bless her! You know us all about the dogs as they are such a big part of our lives.

Charlie making the most of his last Friday night in Lime before heading back to Branson next week.
Umm what can I say apart from JD being the cheeky monkey we all know him to be and still love him anyway!

It's Friday night, it's 8pm and it's 50/50 time. The guest of honour this week is Charlie so lets see who is the lucky number that he is about to pick out of the bag.

Who is it?
Yerh it's Marie's turn this week finally, after been in it week after week.

Ella is happy about their win also as she just got Phil n Marie a small fortune for her leg op but as they both said worth every penny.

Not sure why Mr JD took it on himself to be behind the bar as I know he is no cocktail waitress and can't make anything other than a coffee and maybe pour a Jager.

It looked and tasted better in person but these little guys were a total hit and free with a pail of ale on Friday nights or they can be ordered for 6bz for 2 or 10bz for 4, good deal or what?

Ok stint over behind the bar and time for night nights, cheers everyone for now.

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