Friday, May 15, 2009

Sunset Cruise again? Happy Birthday!

Here we go again, another cruise, another birthday however each one is totally different as we always have a different mix of people every time.
So here we are with the lovely Mark and Michelle from Canada who have been living here for four months now and this is their one.
It was a surprise pre birthday for Mark's 40th so happy birthday to you big boy, what you going to be when you grow up? Please let me know asap as it may give me some ideas!

Jen, Drew and Tommy from Michigan, happy to be here in their favourite place, San Pedro.

All the girls, as the shirts say in Belize no shoes no problem.

Family Hoke
Captain Wade came along for the ride and a few beers of course!

Wouldn't be a party without Marilyn Marx.

We all brought a nibble or two as you can see, what a spread it was. Marie's sausage rolls for an absolute hit and gone in seconds especially as Phil had been eating them along the way so not as many made it to the table as she had baked!

Look what I can see in the water, so cool laying here and watching the water world go by.

Man talk I guess, there's Craig hiding behind his glasses.

Yes there may be a little sneaky vodka in that cup, she's a cheeky monkey for sure that one!

Ship ahoy?
A very mellow couple of hours spent with some cool people, another sunset cruise over and out!


Rachel Hoke said...

those photos are GREAT!! I need a copy of the one with you and Jen! SOOOO cute! Jen has declared Belize the best vacation EVER and she now loves Belize...are you ready for this...BETTER than the Disney cruise!! HOLY COW!

Boydies Belize Blog said...

I loved that child before that comment! Hope you got the diving photos we miss you already but your chicken chili lives on!