Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Tuesday nights in San Pedro

It is Tuesday all over again and time for Fish & Chip night in Lime. As can be seen below Sari Frank stopped by to catch up and brainstorm about our new fundraising and awareness group we are setting up for the people of San Pedro. More details will follow as it develops but as you can see Sari is very excited about it which means everyone else will be too.

We have a new part time chef at Lime called Jeovanni who has worked at several well known restaurants in San Pedro. We now have home made chips with our beer battered fish which makes them even better. You need to make Tuesday night a date in your diaries to start off at Lime before you head up to Legend's for their Jam night, then back to Lime in the morning for the hangover breakfast!

Singer Louie is always entertaining on and off the stage and was keeping these lovely guests of Reef Village very happy on their last night.

This pair are regularly seen out and about on the island and stopped by to have a quick bite and welcome me back. They live here part time and follow my blog and were concerned by the lack of it over the past few weeks so came by to check me out. I filled them in on everything in about 30 seconds, if you can't convince them confuse them I was taught by JD and off they went taking those lovely smiles with them.

Talking of lovely smiles here we have our 3 monkeys! Grant my counterpart with fundraising for Saga Humane Society, Piku who owns Mischief the clothes store and is responsible for the Indian night we are having this Friday. It is his brother flying in to prepare and serve the delicious three course meal that we are all going to have Friday evening between 6-8pm. We are hoping to convince him that there is a definite need for an Indian restaurant here in San Pedro so need a good crowd of people to come taste and decide if he is worthy. Last but by no means least we have the infamous JD. John Dalgarno to those not familiar with the nickname I gave him when we first met in the Cayman Islands six years ago. This is when he said on that first meeting " Stick with me darling and I will make you tons of money". Well over six years later we have made some money but better than that we have had one hell of a lot of laughs and he has looked after me like a dad. Well that's when he is not saying shows us your boobs babes which generally comes after way too much Jeagar and is said to all the girls and that's just not right! I have to say and think it can be seen in the photos that I post of the good people here in San Pedro that we have a great group of people that are each others family. We all have relatives elsewhere but whilst living here we are lucky that we have each other, American, Canadian, Indian and British we are all one big family of friends.

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