Monday, June 23, 2008

What do lobsters make? Prizes!!!!!!!!

Between Deluscious (that's what we named ourselves) and Rico's Restaurant at Banyan Bay we swept the board!

Here are our pics.

Two very tired lobsters aka Sharon and Cindy after receiving the prize for best booth.

Colourful dancers
Banyan Bay glamour

Cindy with other crazy bloggers

Our very own manuel very happy to be a part of Rico's, the winning food of the night.

Laura the manager of Banyan Bay and Sharon of Deluscious, tired but very happy.

The winning team, Sharon, Cindy and her Paul behind, then taco boy and girl and helper Shannon, one happy bunch of lobster heads.

One very happy Laura celebrating with our speciality drink The Bikini Bottom!

One of our Rico chefs Francisco, always time for a smile and a pose.

Busy ladies
Banyan Bay out there again taking home the prize and proving what a great bunch they all are.

Could those smiles be any bigger, we are the simply the best!

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